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Private Jet Versus Commercial Travel: Which is Best?

Flying via a private plane is a means of air travel that is often overlooked but has many advantages over commercial travel. There are a number of misconceptions about private jet travel, including that it is a lot more expensive than commercial travel. Private jet travel can be less expensive by the time that you add on the hidden charges that are incurred when flying commercial, such as baggage, pet, parking and other fees. Read on to find out more of the advantages of private jet travel.Private Jet Versus Commercial Travel: Which is Best?

Private Jet
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Is Private Jet or Commercial Travel Best?

It is Convenient

When flying on a private plane, you do not have to fly out of busy airports unless you want to. You can often fly out of smaller, less busy airports. Even if you do choose to fly out of a large international airport, private plane will often depart from a small facility and avoid much of the traffic at large commercial terminals. Parking for private plane passengers is typically free and these lots provide around-the-clock security. There is no need to pay extra to park your car at the busy airport parking garage. Before landing, aircraft crew can call ground transportation so passengers do not have to wait.

No Luggage Restrictions

When flying via a private jet‘s, you can bring as much luggage with you as you want. If you plan to golf or go skiing on your vacation, you can bring your equipment along without extra fees or hassle. Also, your luggage will usually be with you, so you do not have to worry about them getting lost or damaged.

No Security Hassles

Flying private eliminates the frustration and stress of going through dreaded security lines. There is no need to take off your shoes, stand in long security lines, be patted down or go through an X-ray machine. Although the aircraft captain has the right to search passengers’ bags, this process is much more convenient than security procedures at commercial airports.

Private Jet Travel is More Comfortable

Flying private is more comfortable than taking a commercial flight. Most private jets are equipped with connections for laptops. This makes it easy to work if you need to. You can walk around and change seats. Many private jets are equipped with couches. On overnight flights, if the aircraft is large enough, beds are made up for the passengers. In addition, you are in control of the cabin temperature on a private jet.

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