7 Important Tips to Prevent Traveling Back Pain

Back pain has always been a common problem for people aged between 35 and 55 years old, but these days, as if to make matter worse, this problem has affected even youth. The causes of such a serious health problem are numerous.  Lifting heavy things inappropriately, over-stretching, standing or driving, standing in front of a computer or TV for a long time, and sleeping in a bad position are just some reasons to mention. And the worst of it is that back pain comes with many drawbacks such as weight loss, leg pain, difficulty in urinating, etc. Seven tips and recommendations that will allow you to prevent back pain while traveling. Take a look at my list of tips about prevent back pain.

Back Pain When Traveling

Feeling such pain while working is inevitable, but every one of us wants to avoid back pain while traveling. It can be a time of relaxation and entertainment, or it can even be a work trip. Whatever the case may be, back pain is going to destroy all the plans. Here are some actions that we do when we decide to travel that make that awful back pain come back to us:

  • Lifting heavy luggage.
  • Carrying a backpack with one shoulder.
  • Standing or sitting in a “harmful” position.
  • Not taking the necessary medicament.

And with such an important and inevitable painful sensation a question upraises: “What can I do to avoid this problem?” or “How can I reduce such pain?”.  The purpose of this article is to suggest different ways of avoiding or curing back pain while traveling.

Back Pain When Traveling

Important Tips to Prevent Back Pain When Traveling

Eating a Healthy Diet

Eat primarily whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Before traveling, it is important that you supplement your dietary routine with lean protein such as seeds, nuts, and tofu. Ensure that you don’t deprive yourself of any kind of food. However, you should avoid consuming processed foods that are heavy in fat, sugar, and salt.

Make sure that you also develop a habit of drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. Water will not only contribute to getting rid of back pain but will also make you stay hydrated and flush away toxin materials from your body.

Pack Only What’s Necessary

When we decide to travel we usually pack more than what we’ll really need. Maybe in your mind, there’s no problem with that but you need to ask your body and its muscles first. The heavier your luggage, bag or backpack is the worse your posture will be. And a bad posture will immediately affect the body balance and then eventually even back pain. So, do yourself a favor and lighten those bags.

Lift Your Luggage Properly

Lifting techniques are very important in such a case. Focus the weight on your legs more than on your upper body.  Also, avoid maintaining your luggage/backpack with only one shoulder. Use both of them for better support, easier lift, and a smaller chance of back strain. Don’t use only your force but even your mind. While lifting the luggage on the overhead bin, separate the process into two parts. First, lift them to the same height as the top of the seat and then use the knees and leg muscles to lift them higher.

Before Sitting Remove Items from your Back Pockets

Take your keys, wallet as well as other things out of the back pocket before you sit in the vehicle. A packed wallet or even other pocket-fillers can remove the pelvis from its alignment; a factor that can end up aggravating or causing back pain.

Be Mindful Of Your Posture

Maintaining a straight posture is essential both while sitting and even standing on your feet. In order to take care of the posture while standing it’s necessary to keep your spine straight and not to lean forward enough to make a C shape. In this case, be careful of your load. Such an occurrence is really common in students who carry overloaded backpacks.

Ensure full support not only for your back but even for your feet. Wear comfortable shoes to keep your legs and your body rested. While sitting be careful of your neck and your spine. Some neck pillows in a car or in a plane stand too forward causing a real struggle for your neck ligaments. On the other hand, there is also the spine. While traveling, it is necessary to stay seated for a long time. In order to feel comfortable align your spine on your seat, keep your shoulders straight and your feet on the floor.

Do Exercise Before Embarking on a Journey

Exercises go handy with a healthy dietary routine. For a better result related to your spinal problems, one of the most interesting and effective exercise is stretching. Staying seated for a long time will numb all your body and will make your back non-flexible. Stretching can be performed in two ways:

  1. Try to reach the toes with your hands by keeping your legs unbent and by flexing your upper body forward. Stay in this position for 30-45 seconds.
  2. Stretching your legs. This kind of exercise needs to be repeated three times.

Another thing you can consider is undergoing inversion therapy with the help of an inversion table before embarking on a journey to get rid of back pain. As inversion therapy is a technique where you are suspended upside down to stretch the spine and relieve back pain, because while standing, the gravity force compresses the spine and its elements such as vertebrates and discs.

Consequently, if you stay upside-down, the gravity force will be focused on your shoulders and by drawing them downwards, it will help them loosen up. Not only will relieve you from the pain sensation but it will also help you build stronger ligaments and joints and improve your posture.

Consult With Your Doctor

If you are suffering from back pain constantly then you need to consult a doctor about it and ask him to prescribe you a receipt which can be used to buy the necessary medicine before traveling or after in case you run out of it while traveling. If that awful back strain shows up while you’re on the way a bag of ice or a pack of heating would do.

Put the ice on your lower back and keep it there for 20 minutes. In case you’re on a plane but don’t have one with you, just ask the flight attendant to give you a bag of ice. Also, you can use some portable hot packs which eventually will heat after being opened. Such heat will offer you a lot of comfort. There exist even gel heating packs that do the same job but unfortunately aren’t always allowed on planes.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter where you are, on a plane, on a cruise, on a train or on a bus. Just make use of every chance you have, even the smallest one to take breaks so that you can walk as well as stretch. And if you’re traveling by car, stop somewhere and take a walk to explore the place. You will thank yourself afterward.

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Prevent Back Pain When Travelling

Last Updated on June 13, 2022

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