How Prepaway Practice Tests Prepare You for Oracle Certification Exam

More and more exam dump websites are sprouting like a mushroom. This can have a positive and negative impact to your exam preparation. Positive because you’ve got a lot of options to choose from and negative because it will be quite difficult to sort out the excellent sites from low-quality ones.And if you don’t want to waste your time preparing for your Oracle exam 1Z0-061, simply head to Prepaway and you’ll be amazed by their far-reaching selection of exam dumps for this particular Oracle certification exam. But before we dig into details, let’s have a thorough discussion of this certification exam.You’ll be amazed by their far-reaching selection of exam dumps for this particular Oracle certification exam. Let’s dig into details.

Oracle Certification Exam

What is this particular Oracle Certification Exam?

Oracle, in the first place, is an industry-recognized IT company that is well known for its database that provides an excellent and cost-effective manner of managing business information and applications. Through the years, Oracle has been utilized not just by business owners but also by IT professionals.

And for those who are planning to heighten their knowledge in SQL fundamentals, you’ve got something to look forward to with Oracle exam 1Z0-061. This exam is on the associate level; hence, it is interrelated with three associate certifications – Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate, Oracle Database 12C Administrator Certified Associate, and Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified, Associate.

To fully understand this certification exam, here are some important things you ought to learn.

  • The exam title of 1Z0-061 is Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals, which gives you the notion that this test validates your basic knowledge of the SQL language.
  • This is a multiple-choice exam that features 75 questions to be accomplished with 120 minutes.
  • You’ve got to earn at least 65% correct answers to pass the exam.
  • You only have until November 30, 2019 to take the exam. Upon the retirement of this test, the most suitable alternative is exam 1Z0-071.

Now, how does Prepaway makes everything as easy as 123?

Well, Prepaway is not just any other dump providers; it’s a top-rated exam reference that has been running for many years.

Here are some reasons why Prepaway is such a useful tool for your exam 1Z0-061 or the upcoming 1Z0-071 test:

  1. Quality and reliable exam questions and answers

Prepaway doesn’t simply lay out the exam files but they also ensure that you get your money’s worth. Therefore, what you see on their website are only the quality files that are gathered and restructured by industry experts and real users.

  1. Regularly updated files

Most exams are updated over time; hence changes in exam objectives are also prominent. But there’s nothing to worry with Prepaway because all their files are constantly updated to ensure that you study the current objectives for 1Z0-061, which include restricting, sorting, retrieving, and reporting data, working with conditional expressions, tables, single-row functions.

  1. Practice your skills effectively

With an assortment of the latest, quality files, this will surely enable you to practice your skills in no time. Exam dumps are not just meant to give you an overview of the exam but also assess your exam readiness. Through their exam dumps, you can easily solve complex issues on your own as well as minimize errors during your upcoming exam. That is why it’s highly advisable to cover as many practice tests as you can to expound your skills.

4. Easy-to-use and enjoyable exam experience

Unlike answering mock exams from physical books, using online brain dumps gives you a closer feeling to the real exam. With the help of their VCE Exam Simulator, those plain files are converted into something more relatable and even enjoyable. The interactive kind of experience surely makes you look forward to your exam even more!

  1. Affordable premium rates

Their premium files for 1Z0-061 are competitively priced, ranging from $14.99 to $29.99. These files are sorted out into practice exam questions & answers and study guides. If you want to be more effective and efficient, might as well take all the premium files offered. And if you’ve decided to give their premium VCE files a try, you are to enjoy some perks like fast and free updates, instant download, and 98.6% exam passing rate! But if you don’t want to spend a dollar, don’t worry because they also have some free files at your selection.

What are other prep materials to consider?

Of course, you shouldn’t forget to maximize the exam materials provided by Oracle. So, aside from PrepAway, make sure to take the official training courses and practice exams. Also, you can benefit from the list of exam topics from the Oracle website, which is such a helpful instrument in gaining profound comprehension about the exam. Aside from Oracle, you can also take advantage of top sites like Amazon and YouTube―Amazon for the SQL Exam Guide book by Steve O’Hearn and YouTube for some informative online videos.

Though these exam materials are optional, it’s highly recommended for every exam taker since these closely follow the exam objectives. So, if you don’t want to slip any imperative aspect of SQL fundamentals, then you better expand your reach when it comes to exam resources.


Become an added value to the organization by getting your own Oracle certification. Oracle credentials are some of the most sought-after validations among IT professionals looking for an upright reputation in the industry.

And if you’re still starting to create your mark as a database administrator or developer in the field of SQL, the best way to kick-off your career is through Oracle 1Z0-061. This certification exam awards you with a series of valuable associate certifications. And of course, don’t forget to use Prepaway and other online and physical materials before you commence your preparation.

Last Updated on June 15, 2023

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