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How to Prepare for the Best Holidays in Malta

Traveling overseas is, without a doubt, an exciting experience. Not only will you be able to achieve that much-needed break but also explore a new place in a leisurely way. However, without proper preparation, your dream getaway might just end up being spoiled.Best tips on for how to plan an amazing holiday to Malta.Take a look at all of my travel planning before going to holidays in Malta.

Holidays in Malta

If you are planning to visit Malta soon, you have to consider several factors to avoid any hassle that could ruin your travel experience. While it’s true that this island country is relatively easy to explore with its size, it still wouldn’t hurt to make advanced preparation to make the most out of your trip.

Here are some useful tips that can help you gear up for your upcoming holiday in Malta.


While it’s true that Malta is absolutely stunning all year round, it’s still best to schedule your visit wisely. Since the island is known to be a top tourist destination, it tends to be bustling with people and activities, especially during summer. In order to thoroughly enjoy the island without much hassle, consider timing your trip during the off-peak season, from March to May, when the crowd is significantly less.

You might also want to push through with your trip during festivity months. That way, you will have an extra activity to do that will make your stay more memorable.

In Malta, there are tons of festivals being held annually. For instance, music lovers are definitely going to enjoy more if they visit in June. Around this time each year, the island hosts a free music festival called the Isle of MTV. Since MTV Europe organizes the event, expect to see the biggest names in the music industry — both local and international. This is definitely a four-day celebration to remember.


Malta is famous for its 300 sunny days all year round. That being said, you are likely to experience the island’s warm temperature regardless of when you visit. Before traveling, be sure to pack appropriately with the island’s typical weather. Light clothes, a good pair of walking shoes, and protective hat are essential when you explore Malta’s historic neighborhoods. You should also pack a swimsuit, sunglasses, and sunscreen for your fun beach days ahead.


Another thing you have to prepare for the trip is your accommodation. Since Malta tends to attract thousands of tourists every year, it might get a bit complicated to book a hotel on the spot. To avoid this, make sure to reserve in advance. As much as possible, avoid booking during the summer season as most Malta hotels tend to be bustling with tourists and charges higher than usual.

If you’re not into hotels, consider other accommodations available on the island. There are plenty of hostels and self-catering apartments that offer excellent quality of services for a lower price. Villas in Malta are also gaining popularity, especially for tourists who want to have a full and unforgettable Maltese experience.


It is also important to consider where to eat during your stay in Malta. While it’s true that you can cook your own meals, especially when staying in self-catering apartments, it’s still a good idea to eat out and enjoy authentic Maltese cuisines.

Before heading out, do your research on which places offer the best local food and drinks around the area. If you’re into fusion food, there are plenty of restaurants that serve them as well. You can even use coupons and vouchers to get discounts on some restaurants. This will help you save some money, which you can use on other things while on the island like souvenir shopping.


Of course, your Malta travel will never be complete without buying souvenirs for your loved ones. However, if you don’t prepare for it in advance, you are likely to go over budget, which in return might negatively affect your vacation. To avoid this, make a list of the people you intend to give a keepsake once you returned home. Be sure to stick with that list to avoid any extra expenses. You should also consider the place where you do your souvenir shopping. One of the best places to go is the Ta` Qali Crafts Village, where you can buy locally made products.

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