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Preparation for Going Rock Climbing – Supplies You Need

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son)

two persons gettin ready before rock climbing

Going rock climbing is not like going to the gym. You don’t have bathrooms to freely use. No couches to rest on and put your stuff on. No water fountains or a backup for equipment you forgot.

When you go rock climbing, you need to bring all of those things.

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Climbing Supplies to Take to the Rock

Most crags are located deeper in nature, but there are a few that are right at the side of the road, so you can leave your equipment in the car.

But, honestly, that’s rare. 

For our experience, most crags are at least a ten – twenty-minute hike in. And, where we live in Guatemala, Amatitlan Rock it’s a good 45-minute uphill hike before you get to the first climbing sector. And over 90 minutes to some of the harder sectors.

You need to bring many things on you. Aside from all the regular climbing equipment, it’s really important to bring finger tape just in case you hurt your fingers you wouldn’t be able to climb, so you always need to be prepared.

  • First aid kit
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Belay glasses
  • Never forget your chalk bag!

dad and son before rock climbing

Don’t Forget Food and Water

Food and water is soooo important. You will get dehydrated. And you will need energy so you can climb well.

Granola bars and sandwiches are good to bring to the crag because they are high in carbs and carbs give you energy.

Water is essential because usually there is a lot of heat and sun at the crag, so you need to stay hydrated.

Suntan lotion deserves a second mention, is truly important because the sun can hurt your skin at the crag because it’s usually very sunny.

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Equipment for Rock Climbing

The equipment you need to bring for the rock:

  • harness to tie the rope to climb and belay.
  • Rope to climb
  • Quickdraws to clip the rope in
  • Belaying device for belaying
  • Sling to anchor yourself at the top to clean the route
  • Chalk and chalk bag, another second shout out, to get your hands dry so you can climb without slipping
  • Climbing shoes

These are the basic essentials. Chances are, if you come with all these things, you will have a great time.

Every climber, obviously, has their own preferences, but these are our favs.

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Preparation for Going to the Rock - The Climbing Equipment You Need

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