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Prep Your Tech for Travel with These Affordable Accessories

Whether your travels take you to a remote jungle or the bustling streets of Paris, first on the packing list is always our tech devices. Cell phones and laptops are some of our most expensive and used possessions, making them indispensable partners on vacations, work trips, and personal adventures.Tech devices or accessories that you should prepare and take with you on your next trip.Take a look at this list of Tech for Travel.

Tech for Travel

Or tale a ñool at this article for information about what to pack for an international trip.

Damaging a phone while on a trip is devastating because phones are not just phones anymore—they’re also trusted meteorologists, translators, navigators, and personal photographers. With everything a phone can do, it’s important to protect it from the elements and unexpected accidents while traveling.

Frequent travelers can attest to the unpredictability of travel. No matter how careful you may be with your tech, accidents still happen.

Fortunately, safeguarding your tech doesn’t have to be pricey. In fact, with a few affordable accessories, you can prevent expensive repairs or even replacement.

Protective Cell Phone Case

Save your phone from falls, scratches, dings, and dampness with a hearty case. Try a case with a money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, like Bodyguardz. This ensures an investment in a product that suits your individual needs and withstands the test of time.

Cell phone cases come with a profusion of features, so look for these protective elements that work hard to keep your phone safe.

  • Bumper Guards: Reinforced rubberized edges help protect a phone in the event of a fall by absorbing and dissipating impact.
  • Drop Rating: Look for a 10-foot drop rating on high-quality cases. This ensures your phone will survive an above-average fall.
  • Protective Speaker Grill: Protect your speaker from unwanted debris like sand or dirt with a speaker grill.
  • Raised Bezel Edge: Cell phone screens are some of the priciest parts to replace. Protect your screen in the case of a face-down fall with a raised bezel edge.
  • Wristlet: An added form of drop-protection and theft-prevention, wristlets are a great way to keep your phone close by.
  • Integrated Wallet: Skip rifling through your bags for your credit card or ID and keep everything close by storing cards on the back of your phone.
  • Built-in Extra Battery: If you’re heading out on long multi-day adventures, consider this favored travel feature for extra phone life.

Screen protectors

Smartphone screens are expensive and troublesome to fix. A shattered screen can also render a phone unusable. Care for this phone component by installing a screen protector.

With a price tag between five and fifteen dollars, a screen protector is an easy, inexpensive way to add extra protection to your device. Look for tempered glass screen protectors that come in a multipack so you can make this quick repair on the go.

Power Converter

First-time travelers may not know that foreign countries are wired with different electric voltage than the USA. Continents like Europe and Asia are usually circuited at 220 volts or more, compared to America’s 120 volts. Novice travelers run the risk of frying their electronics without a power converter.

You can purchase an AC adapter for under $50 and save your expensive tech gadgets from irreparable damage. Look for a power converter that comes with outlet adapters for Europe, Australia, and Asia so you are prepared for wherever your travels may take you.

Waterproof casing

Adventurous travelers will find investing in a waterproof housing for their phone or laptop is an essential accessory for their tech. If you enjoy kayaking, boating, surfing, hiking, or the like, a water-protective case ensures unexpected drops won’t end in ruin for your electronics.

Most waterproof cases are designed for immersion, and some are specifically engineered for underwater photography and filming. Take your snorkeling or scuba adventure to the next level with underwater photos from your phone.

Travel Cable Organizer Bag

For every tech gadget, there is a charging cable. Don’t get your wires crossed and keep everything organized with a travel cable organizer bag.

Not only do these kits keep electronics organized, they also save valuable packing space by efficiently grouping messy tech accessories. Store headphones, batteries, USB’s, hard drives, SD cards, and adapters all in one place and skip the stress of losing your tech accessories.

Backup drive

There’s nothing worse than taking hundreds of amazing vacation photos, only to have your cell phone, laptop, or digital camera crash on the last day of your trip.

Keep your memories safe with up with a backup drive. Business travelers will find a backup drive handy when working on high profile work projects.

Backup drives also safeguard travelers from theft. When the unfortunate happens and you find your phone or laptop stolen, a backup drive ensures none of your data is lost. After all, tech devices can be replaced, but the data on them is often the real invaluable asset.

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