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Things to Do at Home Before Leving for Vacation

Each of us is waiting for the vacation to finally come in order to take a break from routine affairs and enjoy our free time, hiking outside the city, or in other countries or regions. And almost everyone, just before departure, begins to worry about what will happen to their apartment during their absence. Here is my pre-vacation home checklist.

That is why, in order to reassure you, we want to tell you about how you can secure your apartment before going on vacation. In this article, we have put together some instructions on how to take care of your house before going on a trip. This is a piece of advice for those who have had a lot of traumatic experiences in the field of frequent absences from home. Some tips we have been using for a long time, and some we have discovered recently. 

Pre-vacation Home Checklist

So… The most important thing:

Before leaving, the house should be cleaned. Consider the fact that your mother or mother-in-law may come to visit you in your absence – just to check if the apartment is still in place.

What is included in the preparation of the apartment before the trip:

  •     Take out the trash can, wash it and put a clean trash bag.
  •     Remove photographs and other knick-knacks from open shelves so that it is easier to dust the next day after arrival.
  •     Cover all surfaces with polyethylene or old sheets, if you own some very precious pieces like esf bedroom furniture. Then even the dust does not have to be wiped off. Sheets are more convenient because they can be removed carefully. When you remove polyethylene, all the dust will fall on the floor.
  •     Check the availability of soap, clean towels, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc., so as not to run to the store without having time to wash off the road dust from yourself.
  •     Check the availability of tea, sugar, pasta, etc. at home.
  •     Before the trip, put convenience food in the freezer, as you may be hungry after the trip. Even better is to cook homemade food that would still taste nice after a week or two. 
  •     Do not leave dirty clothes at home.
  •     Before leaving, put the flowers either in a basin of water, or stick inverted plastic water bottles into them. Bottles are enough for a month – we’ve tried it repeatedly.
  •     Turn off water and electrical appliances (except the refrigerator).
  •     Close the windows and draw the curtains so that the stuffiness builds up more slowly.
  •     Before the trip, change bed linen to lie down in a clean bed, hang clean towels.
  •     FREE SPACE IN THE CORRIDOR! So that there would be enough place to put backpacks-suitcases after a trip.
  •     Rid the refrigerator of those products that will expire before you return. Put a couple of lemons in it so that the refrigerator smells delicious. Remove opened packs of cereals in the refrigerator (they can go rancid).
  •     Before the trip, put it in the refrigerator or eat all the vegetables. They rot otherwise. You don’t want to return to an apartment where hordes of fruit flies would be flying around, only because a carrot was waiting for you in the kitchen.
  •     Put ice cream in the freezer to eat with coffee after a trip. Simply because ice cream cheers you up.

These are the basics. Now let’s dive a little deeper. What else can you do for your house?

Things to do before your trip

Take your used toothbrushes with you, and put new ones at home. Let us explain. Most of us have travel kits, but brushes can lie there for a long, long time. And that’s not very practical.

Therefore, it is better to take with you the brush with which you brushed your teeth in the morning, and after a trip home, start using a new one. The one that went with you just can be thrown away on the last day. It will also be useful to write a note to yourself with a list of what to do in the first couple of days after the trip.

During the trip

If there is no desire to use public or hotel laundries, then you can put dirty clothes in more than one bag, in several, sorting them right away. Then after the trip, returning home, there will be no need to spend time sorting white T-shirts and black socks.

  • Put edible souvenirs so that they arrive intact and do not forget to take them out immediately after returning.
  • After the trip
  • Unpack your bags as soon as possible! We’ve checked: if you can’t do it right away, they will stand for a week.

OK, now let’s discuss some simple and effective tips for house protection.

Alarm setting

An alarm is a great thing to protect yourself from criminals. This way you can secure your home before you go on vacation. Of course, they will be able to break into your doors, but immediately after this trouble occurs, the security service that you contacted to install the alarm will receive a corresponding notification that will say that a break-in has been made. The company’s employees will prevent attempted theft. However, this method has several pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at the positives:

  •     If there is an alarm, there is a high probability that intruders will simply be afraid to get into your house.
  •     This is a great way to keep your valuables safe.
  •     The notification can come to your mobile, so you can always be aware of all events.

As for the cons, there is only one. These services require regular payment from you and, therefore, it may not be affordable for many homeowners.

Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems are a great way to keep abreast of all the events that are happening in your apartment and outside on the stairwell at the present time. Their main positive is that even if they start robbing you, you can capture the faces of the intruders and contact the police. Having photographs of criminals, the police officers can easily find them and return your belongings to you and punish the guilty party.

However, this method also has its drawbacks. First of all, in order to be aware of events in real time, you must have constant access to the Internet. What if you are in the middle of nowhere? What to do in this case? Exactly…

Well, as for other methods, they include:

  •     Leaving the apartment under the supervision of your relatives.
  •     Acquisition of high-quality and durable locks and bars on windows.

Do not forget also that when leaving home, even for a short time, it is necessary to completely turn off all electricity, as well as gas. Otherwise, there is a high probability that something very bad may happen during your absence.

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