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Prague Castle Facts: Why it is so famous?

Talking about Prague is like a location that was crafted from a fairytale. To be specific, if you tour Prague Castle, you will be so amazed that you will feel like you are on the set of a Disney film. It is still in use today as the official home of the president of the Czech Republic as well as a spot for tourist photographs. Today we are talking about Prague Castle facts and why it is famous.

prague at night on a christmas day

Interesting Facts About Prague Castle

Prague castle is an interesting sight to behold. So why is Prague Castle so famous today? Below are some of the reasons.

It is in the Guinness Book of World Records

This Castle is very huge. Its total area is 753,474 sq ft! Also, this building extends to the Lesser Quarter (here, there are several palaces and chateaux). For instance, the Wallenstein Palace is home to the Czech Senate. It also includes twenty-six houses as well as 6 gardens.

Dancers enjoy ancient relic

This place is an ancient relic for dancers. For instance, the St. Vitus Cathedral has the most extensive church treasury in the nation. 

The Cathedral is almost among the biggest collections across Europe. Some of the items here can be traced as far back as the early Middle Ages. However, a specific relic stands out – which is the arm of Saint Vitus. Saint Virus is a Sicilian who died from the martyr, during the co-ruling of the Roman Emperors, Diocletian, and Maximian – when they hit on the Christians around 303.

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Kafka writes at Prague Castle

The Golden Lane is a tiny street behind Prague Castle. It has gorgeous rows of small houses.   Today, you will find tourists across the globe here. There are a bunch of shops for books and souvenirs around the lower floors.  

In the sixteenth century, towards the last years, some alchemists under Emperor Rudolph III occupied there. It was said that they tried to turn metal into gold.  

Then from 1916 to 1917, Franz Kafka (the novelist) and his sister occupied a house here (house No. 22). This was considered the right move because Kafka wrote several stories, including “A Country Doctor”. While there, he was also inspired to pen his book “The Castle”. All these were accomplished while he lived in Golden Lane. 


Prague Castle is rich in history. Apart from being the largest ancient castle in the world today, there is other exciting stuff to discover there.

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