Posada de Suchitlan: Family Friendly Hotel in Suchitoto El Salvador

I pride myself on doing great research for traveling, it’s the most exciting part of my travels for me. It assures that I’ll end up in a place that I love when I get to my next destination. In this case: El Salvador! I had chosen one hotel in particular in Suchitoto, El Salvador: Los Almendros. It looked like the perfect option for my family. However, for the 2 nights that we wanted to be there, it was already booked, so I needed to fill our first night. That’s how I end up at Posada de Suchitlan in Suchitoto, El Salvador.

Family Friendly Hotel in Suchitoto El Salvador

One of my girlfriends had gone to Suchitoto with her family the year before. She has 2 boys around B boy’s age and said she fell in love with Las Puertas, which is right in the center of the town. Since we have similar families, I took her advice. I reserved a room about 2 weeks prior to coming.

After an EXTREMELY long road trip from Guatemala, we neared the center of Suchitoto. Slowly our car started to vibrate from the low bass that was emanating from what seemed to be an extremely loud music fair in the pure center. Where our hotel was!

Posada de Suchitan bedrooms from suchitoto hotels

I have lived in Central America for almost 10 years and have heard my share of loud local fairs. But I will swear on everything, this was by far the LOUDEST music I have ever heard of. And by the sounds of it, at 9 pm, the show was just getting started.

When I entered the hotel, I was furious! This fair didn’t just happen on the spur of the moment. This was a preplanned event. When I made my reservation, I specifically said I have 2 little boys. Not once did they ever tell me about this craziness. Luckily, we didn’t leave a deposit and I said adios in a heartbeat.

Posada de Suchitan view in el salvador

But now where to?

Las Alemendras, my first choice was booked, so I looked into my little book and found one other.

Posada de Suchitlan

La Posada de Suchitlan. We arrived at the hotel and immediately fell in love.

Now picture this: You are 2 blocks from the center, and you enter through an antique colonial gate with your car. There is a great parking lot right in front of our villa. The villa is HUGE, with a gorgeous terrace overlooking Lake Suchitoto where breakfast will be served, at no extra cost, the following morning.

breakfast in a Family Friendly Hotel in Suchitoto El Salvador

But that’s not all! The property had a playground, a pool, and a great restaurant. And it was cheaper than the other 2 hotels.

The place is also surrounded by nature, making it perfect for a calm, private, and relaxed start in a setting where kids can play and enjoy themselves.

When I told my friend about it, she nodded her head and said, yeah, I know it’s beautiful, we ate there every night. WHY DIDN’T SHE RECOMMEND IT???

More Information About Hotel Posada de Suchitlan

This was the first hotel to ever open its doors in Suchitoto and was made with the idea to preserve the colonial style of the original building. It has kept its old Hacienda feel and look through the years. I’m so glad that we found it!

They offer hotel rooms and private villas with terraces. But the best part has to be the restaurant from where you get stunning views of the nearby lake.

How to contact them: 

Average cost: $90
Email: laposada@suiteslaspalmas.com.sv
Phone: (503) 2335-1064

Overall, we ended up having a great time here, and it served as the perfect home base to all our adventures in Suchitoto. I would highly recommend it!

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Family Friendly Hotel in Suchitoto El Salvador - Posada de Suchitan



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