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Portable Outlet – Essential Travel Gadget

When traveling most of us usually take our phones, a camera and a laptop. But outlets is something we simply don’t ever think twice about. That is until we are stuck with uncharged electronics and are quite pissed that there aren’t enough outlets for all of them at once. With a family of four, the issue of charging is no small problem. Oh no, it’s always a fight over who gets to charge theirs first. And I don’t know about your family, but my kids seem to always win. Even though mommy’s computer is the main reason they are traveling in the first place, they seem to forget priorities and their tablets need to be charged right this minute.

So I had to do something right this minute, too. It was time to invest in a travel sized multiple outlet. And guess what, my problems were solved (well as solved as they can be when traveling with kids.)

portable outlet

Introducing the Ultra Slim Multiple Outlet. It has two outlets and two USB chargers. When connected, it takes less than a centimeter from the wall. It’s by Philips, a company that you can’t go wrong with. And it’s so light weight and easy to pack that I hook it up everywhere we go – restaurants, airports, hotel rooms, you name it.

Phillips Ultra Slim

Somehow this gadget, that I never even considered before, has become essential for our travels.

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  1. Sounds like you needed it with having to share with everyone else! That’s great you found something convenient! Thanks for sharing!

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