Porta Hotel Antigua, Guatemala: Most Complete Option


pool porta hotel antigua antigua guatemala

Today we’re going to be talking about Porta Hotel Antigua in Antigua, Guatemala. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

The Porta Hotel Antigua is probably one of the older hotels that are located in Antigua, Guatemala. It is a luxury hotel. It’s beautiful and it’s fascinating for me.

I’ve now been living in Antigua for almost 14 years and I moved here with my oldest son who was five and a half years old, then my second son was born here, and you need a place to go with your kids where they could play, and you could enjoy a beautiful setting. That’s how I discovered the Antigua Porta Hotel over twelve years ago. At one point we used to joke around that it was my office because I used to meet all of my friends there who also had kids because of the hotel.

Porta Hotel Antigua

There’s a beautiful, huge courtyard, a pool and a playground inside, and huge grass spaces, which is very uncommon for hotels in Antigua, where only a few hotels are spacious. They also have a restaurant in Antigua where they have several menu options for kids. But it was this freedom that my kids would just be able to go and play in the playground and they even had a kids club located separately from where the pool is because if you’re a little kid they could fall right into the pool.

So it was that safety area as well, and I was able to work outside. The atmosphere there, it’s so peaceful, and it’s beautiful, you have beautiful views of the volcano and the peacefulness.

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outdoor porta hotel antigua guatemala

Great for Meetings and Digital Nomads

It’s also a really great place for people who have meetings. You could meet there and have drinks or coffee or food. And the internet works really well. They have lots of places where you can plug in.

So even though it is a hotel, it’s also a great place for digital nomads to just come and enjoy the day when you’re feeling super safe. You can leave your computer there and go anywhere.

The Restaurant

In the restaurant, the food is very Guatemalan style food, but they also have coffee, and they have a buffet breakfast that you can get. So there are a lot of different options. The restaurant is located apart so you don’t hear the sounds of the people. If you’re hanging out by the pool or by the outside tables.

fruits and coffee porta hotal antigua guatemala


Today, the pool is pretty much only accessible to people that are staying there. I think during the weekday you are allowed to pay a special fee for the pool, but usually, it is mainly for the hotel guests.


If you are staying in the hotel, the average room price for a pretty small room, it’s around one $150 and $200 per night, depending on the day of the season, obviously. And they do have larger rooms where you could stay with balconies. And it’s just lovely.

gym porta hotel

Spa and Gym

They also have a spa. It’s called La Ceiba Spa, so you can get massages there. They do have a gym. The gym is included in the price of your stay there. Also, they have a sauna and a steam room, which are included in the state. Obviously, the message is not. You cannot use those areas unless you are using the spa or are staying in the hotel.

porta hotel antigu courtyard


It is a great place if you are not staying in the hotel to just go and enjoy the restaurant or just enjoy coffee and hang out and work. Or if you are visiting Antigua, it is a truly family-style hotel. Even though, my husband and I went there for a staycation, just the two of us. It’s beautiful. It’s romantic, it’s lovely.

I highly recommend this hotel for you to visit. Or if you’re already living in Antigua, enjoy the day. Or especially for Digital Nomads as well.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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