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Pleasures of Island Hopping Trip– A List of Places you Should Try Visiting

For us who stay on the mainland, islands tend to be a destination. Little do we realize that each island is unique and despite the apparent homogeneity, the beaches differ, the weather differs, and so does the culture and the cuisine. The crystal-clear waters, the quiet, and the opportunity to be with nature are reason enough to plan for an island-hopping trip. The journey itself can be rewarding as idyllic tropical paradises roll by, schools of fish swim across, and a warm breeze kisses your face. This article looks at a few island destinations that could offer you beautiful experiences.Islands that you can visit during your next trip.Take a look at this short list of Island Hopping during your next trip.

Pleasures of Island Hopping Trip

The Greek Islands
You could hop, skip, and jump between the islands in Greece. Hop on and off the most famous Greek Islands the smart way The islands of Mykonos, with their beautiful beaches, fun, and funky environment are known to attract the party crowd. Eat, drink and party at some of the best cliff-top restaurants. You could also take a day trip to Dolos, a significant archaeological treasure. You could even sail to Santorini, the best known among tourists and its picture-perfect town of Oia. You could bask in the sun at the fantastic beaches or catch the sunset from the many romantic restaurants and bars in town. Sail out for a day to visit the amazing calderas that were formed on the island by a massive volcano.

The Quirimbas
The Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique is unexplored, virgin, and a must for those who love the beach. You can take cruises between the numerous small islands on the traditional dhow. As you sail the waters, you would go past pristine mangrove forests, majestic reefs, and could even relax on some deserted sandbanks. If you are lucky, you could come across humpback whales, sharks, and turtles. The islands of Ibo and Quilalea are the most visited. As you lie on the neatly arranged hammocks on the beach, you could indulge yourself in fresh seafood fare or spoil yourself in a spa.

Pleasures of Island Hopping Trip

The Hawaiian Splendor
It is all about sand and surf. You possibly wouldn’t want to flavor all islands, that’s literally impossible on a short vacation and would also be just rushing around. Instead, stick to a couple of them, enjoy the tropical feel, and enjoy the local fervor. Try to stay within walking distances of the beach, they are world-class, and you should spend your maximum time lazing on the beaches or snorkel with sea turtles, monk seals, and angelfish. If you want to go on some island hopping, there are multiple ferry services between Lanai and Molokai. In Hawaii, you should try some water adventures like deep diving, kayaking trips, zip lining, or scuba diving. In the evening, catch the sunset at the Waikiki Beach while watching a hula show as Hawaiian dancers swing to captivating tunes.

The Far East
There are multiple island-hopping options in the Philippines, Indonesia, the small archipelago of the Maldives and several more. But, the Philippines, with its over 7000 islands are a treat. Geologically distinct, mostly unexplored, and some uninhabited, the beautiful islands are yet untouched by tourists. Limestone cliffs, reef shores, beautiful corals, and deserted caves, you can have it all in the Philippines. The Palawan province itself has over 1700 islands and much secluded beachfront. Palawan and Boracay have many uninhabited islands. You could opt for one of the commercial sailings, or better still hire a boat if you are in a group. A boat hire would help you avoid the commercial and crowded routes, help explore the off-beat and experience the local. The Bacuit Archipelago is simply fantastic. The famous Halong Bay could be skipped if you want to avoid the crowds. Instead, head past these islands to the north of Palawan to catch some amazing vistas, karst cliffs and peaceful islands. When island hopping in the Philippines, remember to carry some aqua shoes, or you could risk yourself stepping on exposed corals and other slimy creatures in the waters. Also, carry some snacks or lunch as many of the islands in Palawan and Boracay do not have any amenities or when booking a trip, make sure your trip includes lunch.

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