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How to Use the Hydration Pack by Platypus with Ease

camelbak, hydration pack for mountain biking

About one year ago, my husband, 38, decided it was time to get back to his childhood hobby – mountain biking. Within a short  year, he has taken his passion of biking to a whole new level of competing and getting the entire family on board, in one way or another.

My sons, happily, jumped on board with the whole mountain biking training and competing. I, on the other hand, am more of the supportive, managerial force with it all.

The goal is to become professional mountain bikers, for my three men. I love the idea of it all.

However, mountain biking isn’t only a sport, but a lifestyle. An outdoors, back country, full of nature life style.

And, as much as we are excited for the change, it involves more than just a couple of bikes and clothes. Backpacks, camel backs, hydration packs are now necessities for a healthy outing, rather than seeing it as a fun luxury when you see others carrying one around.

That’s how I discovered Playtpus . There are tons of different hydration packs systems to choose from. Since I have to be out in the field, at competition with them, which basically means being outside where water is not the easiest to find. And, trust me, I’ve done the carry the water bottle thing. Way too many bottles to carry to be sufficiently hydrated.

So, the goal was for me to find a hydration system that would fit my frame. That’s how I found  W’S SIOUXON™ 10 Hydration Pack. They have several models, B-Line 5 Hydration Pack, but I liked my choice. You can read my full review of the Playtpus hydration backpack for mountain biking here.

This pack is specifically designed for a woman’s frame. Super light. Has tons of compartments.

However, some way or another it ended up in my oldest son’s hands and on his back whenever there are bike competitions. Even after I told him it’s for girls. Thinking this would deter him.

platypus hydration pack

But, as you can see, it has not.

Here are some of the features for Siouxon hydration pack:

1. Women’s Fit – it’s fitted with curves. Quite stylish.
2. FloatAir™ back panel: Highly breathable mesh tensioned over a lightweight wire frame. If you sweat a lot, like I do, it’s great that the sweat doesn’t get the actual pack wet.
3. Premium, taste-free reservoir – who wants to have plastic flavor when drinking?
4. Smart hydration pocket: Reservoir suspension hooks hold reservoir securely in place – this sounds like a no-brainer, but many packs I looked at don’t have this feature.
5. Tool organization and separate pump sleeves in the main compartment – in other words, there are plenty of compartments that are well designed to get everything you need in a quick organized fashion.
6. Fleece-lined eye wear pocket – my sunglasses have a soft home
7. Waist belt zip pockets – this is the best place to put things you want to get quickly
8. Rainfly: I’m not sure why but most hydration packs don’t come with one, is this is a nice plus.

And it weighs around one pound, has three liters of water storage and, my favorite part, the drink hose is magnetic so you don’t have to fumble around with clips.

prepping for mountain bike race with gatorade in hydration pack

Video Review – How To Use the Hydration Pack by Platypus

Ready to Get a Platypus?

I highly recommend one. They have a large selection for men and women. Different sizes and styles for small hikes to over night, longer trips.

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  1. Making your hiking trouble free is never easy if you don’t carry a backpack on your shoulder during the time of hiking. As it covers the hydration demands which is the most important need while hiking. On the other hand they come in various types. That’s why one should study more to choose the best for himself.

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