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Playtpus Hydration Backpack for Mountain Biking

Several months ago, my family and I were on a quest for a hydration pack.

My sons and husband are avid mountain bikers and the more they train the more they realize how important having a backpack that has the water pack on the inside, with easy access, is for them.

Playtpus Mountain Bike Hydration Backpack

That’s how I found the Playtpus Hydration Pack. The first one I got was one of the larger ones – the W’S SIOUXON™ 10 Hydration Pack. When I say larger, it can hold more stuff in the front. But that also adds on extra weight because as much as you like to pretend you won’t be taking a lot of stuff, somehow you manage to fill up the extra space.

With time my husband has become more and more pro with his mountain biking and realized that weight is a huge issue, and as much as we love the original Platypus Hydration pack, it’s not weighted effectively for hardcore training and competitions.

But Platypus is well aware of that as well. And they have the perfect solution for this:

TOKUL XC 5 (aka Featherweight Low-Profile Hydration Pack)

My husband, who’s been using it now for over a month, repeatedly says it’s the greatest bag made with mountain biker in mind.

It’s super light.

You can get three liters of water into the pack.

And even though it’s probably half the size of my son’s, everything you need for a long ride, including a first aid kit and emergency repair bike tool kit, fits perfectly and is half the weight.

And, in my opinion, utterly adorable!

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The pack itself weighs around 1.5 pounds and has five liters capacity.

And here are some more fun facts for the Playtpus Hydration Pack:

  • RidgeAir back panel: Ridged foam with ventilation channels and lightweight, breathable mesh ensure cooling airflow and carrying comfort.
  • 3.0L Big Zip LP reservoir: Premium, taste-free reservoir features a low-profile shape, a wide-mouth opening that closes securely, and a quick-disconnect hose.
  • Smart hydration pocket: Reservoir suspension hooks hold reservoir securely in place while you ride; dedicated hydration pocket makes it easy to access, clean and refill reservoir.
  • Organization options: Zip mesh pocket with key retainer, three mesh stash pockets, and two pump sleeves put bike tools, food, and keys within easy reach.
  • Helmet carry: Two webbing straps attach a helmet for secure carrying.
  • Reflective detailing: Reflective hits enhance your visibility to others when you’re on the trail or traveling between rides.
  • Light loop: Attachment point for rear blinky light.
  • Magnetic hydration hose retention: Offers clip-free access to the bite valve.

We discovered Playtpus once we entered the world of mountain biking, but they are great for many sports outdoor and indoor fun.

I have to say, this has become one of our favorite brands!

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