Play Mobile West Palm Beach – A Great Day With Kids

Living in West Palm Beach we have the great benefit of living close to the only Playmobil Fun Park in the United States. And the best part – it is only $1 to enter.

play mobile west palm beach

Do those types of prices even exist anymore? Apparently so. And it is worth every penny.

My oldest boy is extremely thoughtful and generous. Whenever he gets any money, he immediately wants to spend it on his loved ones. This time around he wanted to take my brother, his beloved uncle, out for his birthday. So we decided that going to Playmobil Fun Park is a great idea.

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fun at playmobil funpark florida

And, since they don’t offer food there, you can order pizza delivered there while you take a little break from playing.

It is one of the best places to spend an afternoon.

kids having fun at playmobil florida

You’d think for a $1 entrance fee it will be lame. Instead, it turned out to be a place where the kids can spend hours at each station playing with all the different toys available.

play stations at playmobil theme park in florida

So worth a visit for all kids.

kids playing at playmobile fun park

Playmobil West Palm Beach Florida Review

Last Updated on September 24, 2023

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