Playa Hermosa Costa Rica Activities

Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica is a wildlife refuge located on the central pacific coast, south of the popular town of Jaco. It was created in 1999 to protect an area used by the Olive Ridley Sea turtle to nest. It is also a place known for having great breaks that attract many surfers.

How big is Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica?

109 acres

Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica

Did you know?

Playa Hermosa is a part of the wildlife refuge and is one of the top surf breaks on the Central Pacific coast Costa Rica.
The refuge protects nesting Olive Ridley sea turtles
From July and December is the best time to see the females come to lay their eggs
The Olive Ridley is locally known as the “Tortuga Lora” and is one of the smaller sea turtles
On Playa Hermosa, in particular, this turtle usually comes to nest alone or in small groups, unlike the mass arribadas (huge waves bringing in tens of thousands of turtles at once) that takes place further north in Ostional Wildlife Refuge.

Playa hermosa Costa Rica activities

Surfing is the number one activity here
Swimming is difficult due to the strong riptides
There are no organized turtle tours, if you’re there during the season, keep your eyes open and you just might see a turtle coming out of the surf at night.

This wildlife refuge is waiting for you! You can’t miss the opportunity to discover all the beauties of this place. So, when planning your next vacation consider Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica as a destination.

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Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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