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Planning a Florida Yacht Charter Vacation

Man has always had a fascination with the sea, from the early days of exploration that led to the discovery of the New World and more, to the present day, where we continue to sail, surf and swim in the beautiful seas and oceans that make up most of the planet.A yacht tour is a perfect way to relax and have fun. Take a look at these tips on how to plan the perfect yacht charter tour in Florida,USA.

Yacht Charter Vacation

Of course, we’ve all envied the gloriously wonderful motor yachts we see in exclusive ports across the world, and dream of being on one ourselves, free and untethered with only the sea beneath. It’s a dream for most people, but what if you could charter a yacht? What if you could book your own luxury yacht – for a day or for a set period – and take you and your family or friends on an exciting floating holiday off Florida?

You can, and the place to go for the very best in charter yacht deals – and the finest fleet you will find – is who are acknowledged experts in charter yacht packages.

Planning a Florida Yacht Charter Vacation

Plan Your Trip

The charter fleet at Charterlux is impressive, to say the least, ranging from a beautiful 40’ Vandutch, the perfect yacht for a couple with its single stateroom and sleeping room for two, to a quite spectacular yacht Ability, with its full crew and stunning sleeping for as many as 8 people.

Of course, you might want to simply take out a boat for a day, or for a few hours. You can, as Charterlux offers a selection of boats that are suitable for just this purpose, each of which is luxuriously equipped for the perfect social escape to the seas, or perhaps as a perk for your employees.

With excellent rates and a choice of locations, you can achieve your dream of sailing a luxury yacht whenever you want, and of course, the glorious blue seas and stunning weather of Florida make this the perfect destination for your sailing break.

Beautiful Florida

With many of the yachts based in Florida marinas, access to your dream holiday is easy. You can browse through the available day hire yachts – with base prices that will seem surprisingly affordable to you, even for the most luxurious examples – and check out their availability, size and specifications on the website.

All the boats – for both day and term hire – have been carefully chosen and are kept maintained to the very highest standard so clients are assured of a beautiful, reliable and luxurious yacht at their disposal. You can choose from a crewed yacht – usually the option when a yacht is booked for a longer term – or bare boat hire, perfect for when you simply want to take a boat out for fun with friends for a few hours.

Get a Quote

There are a lot of yachts and itineraries to choose from, so it’s best to get in touch with the team at Charterlux and ask their advice. If you wish, you can get an instant quote online and know in advance what your yacht hire is going to cost. Whether you are experienced or a novice they will be more than happy to help you find the package that suits you best.

There really is very little that betters being out on the ocean with a group of friends – or as a romantic break for a couple – and it is an experience that takes you back to one with nature, yet also enjoying the luxury of a superbly crafted yacht. Have a look now; you may be surprised how affordable it can be to enjoy your own slice of luxury and fun on the water.

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