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Planning a Vacation to Orlando Florida

Planning a vacation is so much fun! You get to learn a lot about the place you are going to visit and if you start with enough time, it allows you to find the best places to visit and even some good deals.

Planning a trip to Orlando is no exception. It is a big, modern city that is mainly targeted to tourism. It is also home to some of the most famous theme parks in the world. This means that in it you can find endless options for fun things to do, places to visit and places to stay.

view from our hotel in orlando

However it doesn’t matter how may cool things there are to do in a city, if you don’t have the right accommodations for your needs, it just won’t be as good as it could. If you do some research you will discover tons of different lodging options in the city. There are huge resorts, boutique hotels, budget hotels and if you take your time, you might even find a villa in Orlando with your family’s name on it.

Now that you have found a place where you want to stay, it’s time to decide what places you want to visit. Most people will have as their main destination theme Parks. And for good reason, they are amazing! Something that you should know if you want to visit all 4 parks is that you will need around 5 days.

Some other cool places you can visit in Orlando are local water parks, shops, Sea World and of course the gorgeous white sanded beaches.

Now that you know the places you will visit and where you will stay, arrange your transportation. Do you want to drive? Will you hire a shuttle?

Last step, but the most important one is to try to stick to your plan, but keeping in mind that things don’t always go as you might want them to go. So just enjoy the ride!

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