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Planning a Luxury African Safari Tours: Visit these 3 Premium Destinations

Africa is a land of bounties. Nature has gifted Africa with immense natural resources such as tropical rain forests, grasslands, rivers, mountains, and even deserts. With such a diverse ecology in place, Africa surely makes up an interesting tourist destination for global customers. The global customers discussed here include nature enthusiasts, wildlife enthusiasts, adventure seekers and even the people who look forward to enjoying Luxury African Safari Tours. Yes! Africa is a destination that can also offer luxury tours amidst nature. Luxury African Safari Tours help you unwind amidst nature in luxury, style, and comfort. Whether you travel alone or you travel with company, whether you are planning a lonely adventure, a honeymoon trip, or a family vacation, the Luxury African Safari Tours would always be the first choice.

African Safari Tours have the beauty of being enjoyed in the way you want. If you want to stay close to nature; you can opt for camping in the open areas. In case you want to stay safe and enjoy your stay in Africa more than the adventure in the safari lands, you have ample opportunities to book hotels and resorts within the cities or even closer to the national park where you can enjoy nature, the place and even stay comfortably. However, this does not mean that the idea of camping cannot be opted by the people looking forward to spending on Luxury African Safari Tours.

African Safari Tours has the option to choose between a variety of camping sites. You can plan to stay at authentic camping sites where you get access to water to wash and have solar power to charge your light torches and basic stuff needed on an adventurous safari. You can also plan to stay at luxurious campsites where you can have access to lavish stay options, gourmet meals including suppers, exotic wines, running hot water and 24-hour electricity. You too have the moderate option where you can stay put at camps with just the electricity and running hot water while missing out on tasty food and wine.

While African Safari Tours help you unwind amidst nature and enjoy an adventure at the best, there are some other activities too that have to be enjoyed when planning Luxury African Safari Tours. Some of these activities include horseback riding, photography, hot air ballooning, and exclusive walking tours guided by local tribal people (that would help you in understanding the culture of Africa too!)

Here are the 3 Premium Destinations you should consider while planning your Luxury African Safari Tours:

1.        South Africa: South Africa is the most prominent country on the African continent. The country has some popular landmarks to visit such as the important cities, the beaches, and other attractions such as the shopping malls and winelands. However, the country is more famous for being the Safari Powerhouse. With forest reserves such as the Kruger National Park, Shamwari National Park, Victoria Falls, and Chobe National Park, Luxury African Safari Tours planning would be incomplete without considering a visit to South Africa – The Safari Powerhouse in Africa.

2.        Tanzania: Tanzania is a country situated in East Africa. The country is known for its wilderness and diverse geography. The country houses the highest mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro. African Safari Tours planning would be simply incomplete without considering a visit to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania known for its “big five” population (buffalo, elephant, lion, rhino, and leopard). Tanzania also houses the Kilimanjaro National Park where you can visit Mt. Kilimanjaro and explore the diverse flora and fauna in the area. There is also an offshore marine park offshore the islands of Zanzibar where you can experience adventure amidst whales, sharks, and coral reefs.

3.        Kenya: Another country situated in East Africa, Kenya showcases varied geographical diversity such as mountain highlands, savannah grasslands, Lakelands, and the Great Rift Valley. The country houses the Masai Mara National Reserve, the best Luxury African Safari Tours destination. This national reserve is known for its wildebeest migration from July to October. This phenomenon, known as the Great Migration, has been a major attraction for wildlife enthusiasts and nature enthusiasts for ages.

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