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How to Plan the Perfect Group Holiday this Winter

Over the winter months, the drop in temperature might leave you lusting after a trip abroad. A winter getaway is a perfect excuse to grab a group of friends and unwind, taking some time to leave behind the stresses of work and escape to a warmer climate.Whether you’re planning a last minute getaway or looking ahead to early next year, here are a few tips to help you plan the group holiday.

Group Holiday this Winter

Although a winter trip doesn’t promise warm sunshine and the opportunity to recline on a tranquil beach, you can swap the drizzly mornings and grey skies for crisp winter walks and the chance to explore your favorite destinations without the hustle and bustle of the summer crowds.

Planning a trip with friends can be slightly more time consuming and requires some future planning to make it run smoothly. When arranging something with your friends, each member of the party will have different commitments and ideas as to what makes a dream holiday. So, if you’re looking to go abroad over the winter months, check out our guide of how to go about planning your ideal holiday below!

One of the first steps, and the most crucial, is planning the group that you are hoping to holiday with. Over the winter months, and especially in the run-up to Christmas for those of you hoping to plan a last-minute break, there are many prior commitments that simply cannot be cancelled.

You can plan a perfect trip with TripHobo     . For those in the group who are parents, there is the question as to whether your group should look to go out of term time to allow the whole family to come or find childcare for the time you’re away. Booking over the school holidays will come at a higher price and is often more competitive, but if you’re looking to bring children with you, this could be the only option for you.

In December, often budgets are tight due to Christmas. So, to find something that works for all of you, arrange to meet up where you can discuss each of your needs for the upcoming trip. Sitting down as a group will allow you all to voice any opinions and thoughts that you have had about destinations and dates, as well as informing each other of any events that you might have planned and the budget that you are aiming for.

Looking at the location for your holiday should be the next step when planning a group holiday. In addition to deciding which country you would all like to visit, now is the time to think about the sort of accommodation that you would like to stay in too.

For groups, swapping out the traditional choice of a hotel for a holiday villa ensures that your group stays together, and offers privacy from other groups. Villa providers, such as Quality villas, provide a range of holiday villas in France, amongst other locations, and provide the perfect, luxury backdrop for your trip. Catered specifically towards your group’s requirements, having space and seclusion from other families means that you can unwind and make the most of your time away from home.
Having your group write down what they want from your accommodation will allow you to hand pick the ideal place for you all to stay, without having to compromise too much.

Future thoughts
After your accommodation and flights have been booked, your group might want to plan an itinerary of things that they would like to get involved in over the course of your stay. Designating the role of planning a schedule to one member of the group will allow a reliable timetable for any excursions and day trips that you would all like to partake in. It is important to note that the chemistry between your group may feel strained if people begin to feel forced into picking an activity, so allow flexibility and a variety of options to ensure that everyone remains happy.

The final step to planning a perfect group holiday is to enjoy it! Whether you’re taking a well-deserved break from work or are simply slipping away from the stresses of day-to-day life, a group holiday is the perfect time to allow friendships to blossom and to create lifelong memories with some of the most important people in your life. Who knows, if this trip is successful, you might even make it an annual event!

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