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How to Plan the Perfect Family Holiday

Want to plan a family holiday this year, but have no idea where to begin?Planning a family-friendly holiday that pleases grown-ups and kids is by no means easy. Holidays with the children are supposed to be fun, exciting and peaceful, so put your feet up and check out our tried-and-tested tips to help make sure you organize the perfect holiday for you and your family, no matter how old your kids are.Information about some of my best tips on family trip planning.In this article you will find tips about plan the perfect family holiday.

How to Plan the Perfect Family Holiday in 2019

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many of us choose to go somewhere we’ve already been instead of going for something new. We return to the same place because we know where everything is, and because the children love it. Change can be a good thing, so how about blazing a trail and booking a different type of holiday? Check out what’s new from TUI in 2019 – there’s everything from kid-friendly road trips, safaris or even holidays where you try new physical activities together. Try your luck at white-water rafting or something mellower like paddle boarding.

Learn from Previous Holidays

Try and remember what you did on past holidays – or even day trips and weekends away. What worked well and what didn’t work? When you return home, put together a list of what you liked and what you disliked about your own family holiday. This will help you get an idea of the best bits, what you all really loved and what you’d never want to do again.

Accommodation Type

Ask yourself the type of accommodation that would suit you and your family. Would you like to go for self-catering or all-inclusive? It really depends on whether or not you want to cook when you’re away. After all, what could beat checking out the local markets and trying the various foods available when you’re away? If you plump for self-catering, that’s usually more reasonable, so budget will most likely influence your decision.

Have Two Kinds of Holidays in One

Who said you can’t have a multi-center holiday? If you really can’t decide, think about combining a few things, like flying into a city, spending a couple of days checking out the area, then spend some time in the countryside or relax on a nearby beach. This kind of break enables you to combine everyone’s interests into one trip.

Consider a Guided Tour

Get the most out of your holiday by going on a guided tour. They’re a fantastic way to discover more about the destination and learn more about the culture and history.

You’ll be spoil for choice, as there are so many kinds of guided tours up for grabs, like food tours, activity tours and walking tours, most of which are suitable for kids and adults alike.

Spend Time Doing Research

If you’ve decided on a specific destination, then take the time to explore what’s happening there when you’re planning to go. For instance, look into what particular festivals are on that may affect the accommodation price.

Research what the weather will be like at the time you’re going. Is it going to be hot? If so, it’s worth booking somewhere with air conditioning.

Kids Sometimes Know Best

Chances are, you’ve probably narrowed down your options to a couple of locations. Who better to speak to than your kids about it? Ask them where they’d like to go and what kind of holiday they’d enjoy. Children often have incredibly good opinions and may suggest things you hadn’t thought about.

If your child is in secondary school, it’s likely they’ll love the chance to try out the modern language they’re learning.

Get Kids Involved

Older kids love nothing more than getting stuck into a project, so why not enlist them to help you in your holiday planning quest? How about getting them to do a small project on where you’re going? Head to the library or look on a child-friendly search engine so you can investigate all there is to do and see in a particular place.

One idea is to get them to create a little PowerPoint presentation and present it to the rest of the family. By doing this, they’ll be even more thrilled about the holiday before you head off and will really relish telling the family all about it – especially when you check out the places or things the kids found out about.

A Weekend Break

Don’t discount city breaks. Holidays don’t have to be the classic fortnight away in the summer months – instead, book a weekend break in one of the nearest European countries.

Not only are family-friendly weekends away a less-expensive way to travel during school time, they’re also super fun and will create special memories to outshine any long-winded trip further afield. Just be sure to take into account how old your children are, as younger children may dislike this kind of weekend trip.

Wherever and whenever you travel, there’s a perfectly prepared family holiday waiting for you and your kids. Here are our top tips on planning the perfect family holiday. You have no excuse not to book an escape this year!

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