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Top 5 Things to Thing of While Creating Your Cruise Itinerary

Gone are the days when people would get seasick by being out on the open waters. Modern cruise ships are so stable and boast a range of activities to keep you entertained all throughout your trip. What’s more, there are so many destinations to explore and a myriad of cruise ships, that the odds of you ever getting bored are slim-to-none.Five things you should know for planning your cruise itinerary.This is a Step-by-step guide on Travel tips on how to plan your cruise trip.

Cruise Itinerary

Step-by-step guide to planning your cruise itinerary.

1. Pick a destination

The first step to planning a cruise is to decide where exactly you want to go. Pick a destination: Barbados, Bahamas, Mexico or even Alaska? Bask in the sun and enjoy the talcum-white soft beach sands of the Caribbean or admire monumental glaciers when you plan an Alaskan cruise itinerary. Alaska is such an underrated place. See exotic wildlife like Orca whales and seals on ice floes. Visit breathtaking places like Misty Fjords National Monument and ride Zodiacs in Saxman Native Village.

If you’re looking to spend a lot more time on your cruise, consider a worldwide affair. There are cruise liners that go around the world. These types of cruises give you plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle with different people, cultures, and see new lands.

2. Choose a cruise liner

Are you planning on traveling with your family and want a family-friend atmosphere when on board? Then consider opting for carnival-type or Disney-type cruise liners. If you’re after a more sophisticated affair that features more laid-back activities and offers voyagers a sense of calm, opts for Norwegian and Holland America liners. For a more cultured experience, Costa Cruises and Celebrity cruise lines may be a better option.

Cruise Itinerary

3. Find a liner and book your dates

Now that you have your itinerary: you know exactly where you want to go, and you know what type of a cruise liner you’re looking for, it’s time to shop around and see if you can find a liner that meets all your expectations.

Take advantage of platforms such as as well as to compare prices and get the best deals and discounts. If you need a little bit more help, don’t hesitate to talk to a travel agent. They’ll be able to better advise you on the best times to go and which liners would suit you best.

4. Plan what you are going to do on the ship

Ask to see a list of activities that you can engage in while on the cruise. Cruise ships now offer a range of interesting engagements. You can pick up the basics of a foreign language by enrolling in a class on board. Learn a card game like poker or bridge. Care to tango or waltz? Get your groove on by learning the one-two cha-cha-cha steps. And if you’re looking to work off some steam, see if there is a gym on board.

5. Pack only the essentials

Don’t bring your entire wardrobe on vacation for goodness’ sake. Pack only the essentials. A couple of T-shirts, jeans, shorts, sandals, one pair of formal shoes for dinner and a decent dinner outfit should do the trick. Do not forget to carry a power strip, thermal coffee mug, refillable water bottle, waterproof dry bag, antibacterial wipes and any prescription medications you are on.

Don’t forget to bring along a good camera. Cruises are best enjoyed with someone else. Make it a family affair or grab some friends and plan a combined holiday. You might even get a group discount for your booking!

A lot of cruise liner also offer cruise credit that you can use to make onboard purchases, helping you to get more, for less. Therefore, it is certainly worth considering inviting someone else along.

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