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11 Places to Visit in Houston for Couples

Are you planning to treat your significant other in Houston but don’t know where to go? Fret not. Here are five romantic spots in Houston that are perfect to hang out when you plan on spending time with each other all day. Check out these gems on one of the best destinations to visit in the south. Tons of fun places to visit in Houston but five of them stand out. Take a look at this list of the top attractions to visit in Houston,Texas

Places to Visit in Houston

Places to Visit in Houston

Cockrell Butterfly Center

The Cockrell Butterfly Center is one of the better places to visit in Houston, Texas. The center will let you in into the world of live insects and butterflies. You and your partner will get to enjoy the various shows and exhibits of butterflies. It is best to go on Fridays as this is the time they present special shows.

Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

For a hardcore nature experience, one of the best places to visit in Houston is the Arboretum. The center showcases displays of flowers and animals. Their Discovery Room shows Houston’s wild and urban habitats.

Visit the Wildlife Garden if you wanted to walk among insects, butterflies, fowls, and many more animals. This nature center is not hard to locate because it is within the center of the city.

The Inn at Dos Brisas

Looking for a wide spot to stroll on with your partner? The acres and acres of Dos Brisas will literally get you lost if you are not careful. This luxury-inn type of space will bring you that rustic romantic feeling. You and your sweetheart can indulge in the warm bonfires at night. Then, in the morning, you get to eat in their world-famous Five-Star restaurant.

The Inn offers a package for couples for two nights. The package includes a one-time dine in their Five-Star restaurant with free smores for your romantic bonfire. For the next day, they deliver a complete meal into your patio’s doorstep.

Mokara Hotel & Spa

Do you want to level up your Houston experience? Indulge in the luxurious Hotel and Spa of Mokara. The Mokara Hotel and Spa offers complete seclusion from the hustle of the city. Enjoy the splendid sight of the River Walk as you soak in a tub with your love.

If you long for the sparkling city skyline, head to their swimming pool rooftop. Bring champagne at the roof bar and bask in the stillness of the night. The experience would not be complete without the hotel’s spa experience. Head to their spa lounge or request a room spa service, perfect as a monthsary celebration destination.

The Orchard

If you are on a budget, the Orchard is an affordable version of the Inn at Dos Brisas. The Orchard offers you an escape from the city into the heart of country living. Explore the sprawling space of the Orchard and rest in their luxurious cabins. The cabins are a complete package of updated room amenities. At night, you can snuggle with your love in front of a bonfire.

The Houston Astrodome

One of the first attractions on the list is the Dome. Although it has been closed for the public for some time, it’s a great structure to see. Before it is destroyed and turned into something else you’ll want to see it. There is a rich history in the dome with so many great concerts and sports games of the years. It was a bastion of entertainment for years. Drive around the area and check it out.

Downtown Tunnels

These tunnels are six miles long and connect a majority of Houston’s downtown buildings. They’re more than just a cool area to explore, as they are filled with culture beaming with dozens of restaurants and various shops. There’s so much to do in this subterranean complex. There are tours, which are definitely recommended. It’d be easy to get lost without knowing your way around. It’s like a large mall at times where you can read maps and see just where you are.

The Galleria

Mega-malls are everywhere around the country and are a great source of community and a place to shop. Galleria is one of the most stand-out malls, with over 400 different shops, ranging from Gucci to Apple. It’s a great place to do some window shopping or pick up some serious stuff. There are numerous restaurants to choose from. During the holiday season, the place goes all out.
Market Square Park 300 Travis

Market Square Park

This park is a great quaint little area. Take the time to relax and check out all the different activities that can be done. There are multiple little parks, including a dog park and a schedule of events to do all day. It’s close to a great mix of bars and restaurants for some good fun.

Houston Museum District

Museum officials like to boast that while visiting this area you can go all the way around the world without ever leaving the area. There are exhibits spread from European craftsmen to Middle Eastern art. The area houses world-class deals and places to spend time at. All of these different museums in the district are beautifully constructed buildings.

Space Center Houston

Houston we have a great problem. You haven’t gone to see this amazing place yet. NASA is home to Houston, and it’s one of the reasons they’re called the Astro City. Historical artifacts of our interspace adventures have been housed at the space center in Houston. There are tons of exhibits and interactive events for the kids and adults to check out. There are also events where you can sit down and have lunch with astronauts. This is a must for anyone interested in space, and science and checking out a cool place in Houston.

Newfound love does not just come by. So, nurture and enjoy it with these Houston gems. Call them for reservations for a nicely prepared visit.


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