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Places To Visit in Florida – Something for Everyone

Florida is one of the most visited places of the US among international travelers. That is because of its magnificent weather, modern cities, gorgeous beaches and the never ending list of things to do in it. The attractions here cater to many different tastes.

3 Categories of Things To Do for Different Tastes

Theme Parks


These are the most popular attractions of the region. Florida is home to many parks that are among the best of the world. Kids absolutely love them and each can offer at least one day of fun. But adults also seem to enjoy the rides for all ages that these parks offer. A problem that I had when planning my trip to Florida was how to decide which one I want to visit? Where do I get my tickets from? That’s why I like the idea of getting Orlando Park tickets with FloridaTix. It is so easy, you have all the options in one place, making it all easier.

These guys are authorized brokers of all the Florida Theme parks. So it doesn’t matter if you are going to all four of the Disney parks, to Universal or even Sea World. It is very convenient because you can get all of your tickets in one place. They also state that the service includes providing the best possible price and will match the price if you find a retailer with lower rates.

Close Animal Encounters


Florida is also famous for being home to a really interesting eco system called The Everglades. The place is filled with animals, including crocodiles that you can find if you take a tour around it. If you are not up for a tour to a national park, there are also tons of animal parks where you can interact with animals.

However, if you don’t have small kids I’d highly recommend the Everglades and taking an airboat tour through them.

Party, Shopping and the Beach


Florida offers a great nightlife to locals and travelers. Plus, tons and tons of shops of the most famous brands out there. You can spend days just exploring the shops.

It is also a must to spend at least one day at the beach. With the warm weather, sanded beaches and calm, clear waters Florida is one of the best places for beach bumming with friends, family or your partner.

Now that you know about a few of your options, all you need is to get your map of Florida and Go!


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