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The Powerful Attraction of the Alps: Gorgeous Landscapes & Amazing Adventures

The majestic mountain range that can be found in Europe provides the most amazing, staggering panoramic views, and outdoor activities you won’t get tired of. Just imagine those crystal clear, emerald Alpine lakes and idyllic Alpine villages and valleys. Perfect, right? Check out some of the most powerful attractions in the Alps, a place with gorgeous landscapes and amazing adventures.Six of the best places where you can go to enjoy the Alps and the reason why they are so special. Here you will find the places of The Alps.

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6 Great Places to Enjoy the Alps

Chamonix-Mont Blanc, French Alps

There is no part of France that has more dramatic and breathtaking scenery than the French Alps. The western foothills and fortification of the mountains are truly impressive. From the Mediterranean to the Rhine, the French Alps stretch along the southeastern border of France. Most people say that skiing here is one of the best in Europe, so it’s no wonder it has its space on our list. Some resorts in the French Alps are legendary, such as our listed – Chamonix-Mont Blanc. It’s the capital of Alpine skiing and has 12 miles (19 km) Vallée Blanche run. It’s well known that Mont Blanc, at 15,780 ft. (4,810m), is the highest mountain in Western Europe.

Becoming popular in the early 1920s due to the Winter Olympics held in 1924, French Alps’ resorts became one of the best skiing resorts in Europe. Today, there are numerous resorts offering all-year adventures and activities. Hiking, Snowshoeing, visual thrills, or rock climbing and camping can be enjoyed by cruising along the “Route des Grandes Alpes” from the Geneva Lake to the Riviera, or by riding in the Chamonix cable car. There are lots of places where you can rent a room, but if you’re set on enjoying this most awe-inspiring scenery by camping in the wilderness, make sure to pack the best camping cookware and other essentials, and you’re good to go.

Most skiers flock to Chamonix-Mont Blanc from January to March, while July to September is reserved for spa lovers.

Zugspitze, Bavarian Alps

Green meadows, blue skies, and grand mountains – are only a few words that perfectly describe the true core of the Bavarian Alps. Skiing is, of course, one of my favorite activities. Zugspitze, Germany’s tallest mountain, rising by more than 9,700 feet in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district, is a great skiing area during winter and a hiking area in summer.

What is great about this adventurous place is that, if you climb to its peak, the surrounding view is simply breathtaking. You can walk your way to the peak or choose an easier option – cable cars or mountain railways. Visit the nearby Alpspitze with a new awe-inspiring viewing platform and the top of Germany should be on everyone’s bucket list. We promise that once you see a spectacular and astonishing view over the southern Bavarian Alps you won’t regret it climbing up so high.

Kitzbühel, Austrian Alps

Kitzbühel is a town with an extensive landscape with stunning mountain backdrops of the Kaiser mountains. Kitzbühel is a town with prominence and self-confidence, a town that keeps up with the times by combining both historical, unique attractions of the old town and attractions that charm and motivate guests with the beautiful landscape.

Throughout the entire year, Kitzbühel offers a wide selection of top-notch sports activities and athletic opportunities, from golf, tennis, skiing, to cycling. In the past decade, Kitzbühel has progressively evolved in one of the major tourist destinations for large sporting international events.

Hotels are up to the highest international standards, offering a wide selection of spa and beauty treatment facilities. Another great thing about Kitzbühel is that has a wide selection of restaurants offering traditional Tyrolean and international cuisine. The city has some of the biggest number award-winning chefs and gourmet restaurants in Tyrol.

If you ever visit Kitzbühel we promise you will have a wonderful time ahead.

St. Moritz, Swiss Alps

For more than 150 years, St. Moritz has been a winter tourism number one place. Today, this town in the Swiss Alps is widely popular for its ultimate holiday resorts, first Europe’s palace hotel, first electric lights and some of the international ski events such as World Ski Championships which is in 2003 the first major Alpine event.

St. Moritz is a place where most people come to relax on holiday, but also a place for all who want to ensure they will never get bored on their holiday. Despite its superb hotels, top-notch facilities, exclusive services and legendary events, St. Moritz Mountains offer more with its authentic and original charm surrounded by a landscape that is so beautiful even some of the world’s painters couldn’t resist its natural landscape.

Megève, French Alps

Megève is the most charming and delightful village with a character that is placed in the Alps of southeastern France. This place welcomes its guests in a landscape where cobblestone streets and grand mountains blend perfectly. Nestled in the very heart of the Mont Blanc massif, Megève is so alluring for walking, hiking and skiing, giving a magnificent mosaic of glades and forests. A true El Dorado for snowboarders and skiers, nature lovers and hikers, for all of those seeking relaxation.

The village is well known for great sporting and cultural events, from sleigh rides to flights over the Mont Blanc mountain, antique shops, luxury boutiques, and art galleries.

Here you’ll also find a wide range of spa and beauty treatments and therapies, as well as a refined and rich gastronomic cuisine that adds a finishing touch to your stay. A rare luxury of authenticity is what makes this village welcoming and warm, with rich traditions respected, you’ll have a blast in the heart of “Pays du Mont Blanc”.

Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italian Alps

Called the Queen of Dolomites, Cortina is one of the most beautiful UNESCO World Natural Heritage areas. With its rich heritage of glamor, tourism and nature, this Italian mountain is a destination for all seasons. For more than a century, this Olympic town has been a display of Italian fashion and style with preserved ancient traditions and customs that disappeared in other places of Italy.

Located only 2 hours from Venice, in the Northern East corner of the Veneto region, Cortina is all about a landscape of rare natural beauty. Cortina D’Ampezzo is not only the queen of alpine charm and nature, it’s one of the greatest Italian tourist destinations well known for its great events, elegant shops, exclusive charm, cozy mountain refuges and excellent restaurants and hotels. Cortina, has an international reputation as a cultural center of ancient knowledge and tradition.

No matter which Alps destination you decide on visiting, all of them are spectacular for its beauty of the landscape and scenery. Ultimately, it is all about what makes you happy. Choose a destination that simply calls to you.

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