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Top 5 Places to Visit in South Africa

South Africa is the ideal destination for all those adventurous travelers looking to experience a little bit of everything without having to skip from country to country. That is because it has tons of amazing experiences to offer. These go from off-roading on a safari, going on a road trip, diving with great white sharks to experiencing incredible surf spots.

Other fun activities in South Africa include wildlife viewing, beautiful beaches, vineyards, and rich cultures.

Top 5 Places to Visit in South Africa

Places to Visit in South Africa

1. Blyde River Canyon

Blyde river canyon is the largest green canyon on the planet and one of the deepest ones on earth. It is beautifully covered in tangled in subtropical foliage and you can visit it while enjoying your road trip along the Panorama Route.

Cool things to experience in the canyon include gorgeous waterfalls, stunning viewpoints, lush valleys, and Bourke’s Luck Potholes. The best way to explore it is on horseback.

2. Cape Winelands

Any wine connoisseur will feel at home in South Africa. Its extraordinary Cape Winelands are located only a 45-minute drive from Cape Town. Aside from being ap lace to learn about wine and going to wine tastings, you get to enjoy the views on one of the most picturesque wine-producing regions in the world.

so take your time to walk around and take in the scenery.

3. Durban

The port city of Durban is perfect for those looking for gorgeous beaches, historic sites and a place to escape from winter. You can spend your days in ti surfing, diving, or enjoying the nearby forests that host canopy tours, camping sites, and horseback tours.

Durban is also known for its particular mix of local and Indian cultures. Foodies will also enjoy how good their curry is.

4. Garden Route

This is considered one of the most beautiful drives in the world. This is the perfect chance for using first car rental in South Africa.

You just need to hop in your car and enjoy the many seaside villages, game reserves, forests, lagoons, and white sandy beaches that you will find along the way.

The route goes from Mossel Bay to St. Francis and won’t have you bored, ever! You will find it hard not to stop every few minutes to enjoy the view or explore some local attractions. But whatever you do, don’t you dare to miss the bungee jump off the highest commercial bridge bungee in Storms River, even if you are only there to watch.

5. Kruger National Park

You can’t be in Africa and not visit a game reserve, and it would be a sin to miss a visit to the most accessible one while in South Africa. Kruger National Park covers an enormous stretch of ecosystems that support all kinds of wildlife.

The park opened to the public in 1920s and has since then become one of the main attractions in the continent. This is also one of the few places in the world where you get high chances of seeing the Big Five.  Birdwatchers are also drawn to the park due to the large number of bird species living on it.

Bonus: If you are looking to find as much wildlife as possible you can also consider visiting Tarangire National Park. There are tours that leave frequently from nearby towns.

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