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Top 5 Places to Visit in New England for Summer

The New England region of the United States is littered with handsomely rugged terrain, deep historical roots, and some rich culture.  Five top places to visit in New England during the summer that will ensure a fun vacation in the area.This is places to visit in New England.

If you’re planning to take a trip to New England this summer, you’ll need a little insight to help you make the most suitable travel plans.  Here is a brief look at some of the best places to visit in New England.  

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places to visit in New England

Best Places to Visit in New England for Summer

New York, New York 

Visit the City That Never Sleeps, and take a tour of a lifetime.  Once you break the bounds of the Big Apple, you will be captured for quite a while.  This one may take a few days to fully explore. There’s much to do about everything in New York City, and there’s no bad time to do it.  

Try booking your hotel just outside of the city bounds, so you can have a respite from the never-ending traffic and car accidents of New York, New York.  Bumper to bumper has new meaning in this urban mecca.  

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a great city for more reasons than one.  It’s home to some legendary baseball history and some very prestigious schools.  Boston was the site of the nation’s first subway system, the very first public school, and the beginning of public parks.  

It’s safe to say, there’s plenty to be learned while visiting Boston, Massachusetts.  Add this city to your summer travel itinerary, and don’t let yourself miss out on the chance to walk through Paul Revere’s house and the Museum of Fine Arts.  

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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg is the site of some very important scenes of the American Civil War.  If you’re a Civil War enthusiast, Gettysburg is a sort of history mecca.  

There’s lots to take in on the battlefield, and plenty of information to be absorbed.  Feed your mind on your next vacation, and learn a bit more about the history of this country in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  

Portland, Maine 

If you’re planning to visit New England, you have to put Maine on your list of places to explore.  Portland, Maine, to be more specific, is a great place to crash for vacation. You’ll enjoy the typical Maine landscapes, and don’t forget to get a taste of their fresh seafood. 

Green Mountain Ribbon, Vermont 

Route 100 in Vermont is referred to by the name of the Green Mountain Ribbon.  The stretch of pavement is a dream come true for those who choose to drive through the area.  

The route is devoid of curves and lined with gorgeous green mountain views on both sides.  There’s no bad seat in the car when you’re driving down the Green Mountain Ribbon.  

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