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Top 10 Places to Visit During the Pandemic

The pandemic has taken its toll on the travel industry. However, there are still several destinations where it is possible to have a vacation. Is it safe to travel right now? It depends on various factors. The situation changes every day. Some countries open borders, others implement strict lock down. You need to check travel restrictions, requirements to tourists, and infection rates before your trip. Pay attention that state, local, and territorial restrictions may differ.Top and safest places Places to Visit During the Pandemic that you can visit without putting yourself at risk.

If you cannot live without traveling and no restrictions can scare you, we can help you decide on a travel destination. Take a vacation from work or, if you are a college student, let essayservice handle your assignments and start planning your trip. First and foremost, think through safety measures.

Places to Visit During the Pandemic

Safety Tips

Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic is not that dangerous if you observe safety precautions. Consider booking distant hotels. They are usually less crowded and even cheaper. It will help you to avoid unnecessary social contact. You can also book private vacation rentals that tend to be safer than hotels in the context of the pandemic.

Furthermore, road trips are becoming more and more popular among tourists as they help to travel and maintain social distancing at the same time. It allows you to avoid public transport and contact with other people. Another similar alternative is camping. To make this kind of trip comfortable, you can book a home on wheels. Staying outdoors is perfect for exploring and embracing nature, staying away from crowded places.

If you prefer traditional travel options, observe the basic measures. You have probably heard about them a million times: wear a mask, wash your hands, use a sanitizer, avoid touching your face, and maintain distance. You should stay at least 2 meters (6 feet) away from other people and avoid unnecessary contact.

What to do after your trip? According to the latest guidance from the CDC, people should get tested several days after they get back and stay isolated at home for the first week even if the PCR test result is negative. If you do not want to get tested, stay at home for at least 10 days after your trip.

If you travel internationally, most countries will require you to get tested for COVID-19 within several days of departure. Yet, requirements differ from country to country, depending on current infection rates in your country and the country of destination. Make sure the requirements will not catch you unprepared, and double-check everything before you go.

Top 10 Places to Visit During the Pandemic

Now, let’s move to the most important point: Where to go? When a lot of destinations continue to be unavailable for tourists, some countries have opened their borders. We have made a list of top tourist destinations that offer unique adventures. Yet, instead of focusing on tourist attractions (that you probably already know), let’s take a look at the requirements that these countries set for travelers.

1. Barbados

To travel to Barbados, you need to take a PCR test within three days of departure. The country offers special accommodation where people need to stay up to five days before they are tested for the second time. Then, tourists are free to travel around the country without any limitations.

2. Montenegro

Like most countries, Montenegro requires a negative PCR test from people who want to visit. The test should be taken no longer than two days before departure. There is also an option to have a positive test for the COVID-19 antibodies taken within the last month.

3. The British Virgin Islands

You need to take two tests-: one to enter the country and one after a four-day quarantine. Additionally, all travelers need to have travel insurance.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica requires no obligatory testing or quarantine, but every traveler should have a $50,000 insurance coverage. A digital Health Pass is also a must.

5. Chile

Although Chile does not have a quarantine requirement, you need to have the PCR test and $30,000 insurance.

6. Bermuda

Bermuda is a low-risk country for travelers. All visitors are required to take a test within 3 days of departure. Another test will be taken at the airport. The country does not require a quarantine, but you will need to isolate yourself in a hotel room until your test results are ready. Usually, it takes several hours. Besides, you will need to take another test in several days.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica does not have obligatory quarantines or testing. Yet, travelers must have medical insurance. Additionally, they need to fill in the Health Pass form.

8. Egypt

To visit this country, you need to take a COVID-19 test four days before arrival. Besides, all travelers need to be insured.

9. Mexico

Here you will not deal with PCR testing or quarantines. However, temperature checks are a common practice as in any other country.

10. Maldives

Adults and children over 1 year of age must have a negative PCR test taken four days before the flight. Visitors also need to have a Health Declaration form filled in and a confirmed booking. Staying at more than one property is not allowed unless it is approved by the local Ministry of Tourism. The requirements of some countries may seem too strict, but your safety and health are worth the trouble.

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