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Places to Travel After Lockdown

Because of COVID 19, many countries are in a state of lockdown. The lockdown, however, will not exist forever. At some point, governments will lift the lockdowns to allow people to continue with their normal lives. Immediately after lockdown, you may ask yourself which places are safe to travel to. The question may be challenging to answer, given the experience people have had with the novel coronavirus. For some people, maybe a remote island is the safest place to go on holiday immediately after the lifting of lockdowns.Are you looking forward to Travel After Lockdown? Where are you going? Here is a list of places to visit for those looking for inspiration.

Research by Piplsay shows that 53% of individuals intend to go for a leisure vacation after lifting of COVID-19 lockdown. Interestingly, 44% of those polled would like to travel outside their country. But which countries are safe? In case you’re figuring out where to move to after lockdown, stay tuned to find out the best countries to travel to.

Travel After Lockdown

The best countries to Travel After Lockdown

The United Kingdom 

In the UK, ten places dominate many people’s travel wishlist. These include London, Great Manchester, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Bristol, Edinburg, and West Midlands. Traveling within the country is relatively safe; and it would be wise to think of the best places as listed above.


Although tourists aren’t permitted to tour the country currently, the French president has indicated that from August 2020, tourists might be allowed to visit the country. At the moment, the country is gradually lifting the lockdown restrictions.


After being struck by COVID 19 pandemic, Italy aims at encouraging visitors to visit her after the lockdown. Sicily intends to pay half cost of the air ticket and meet the expense of one night for three nights. The country also wants to pay cards for visiting its archaeological sites and museums. Because of these multiple incentives, you should consider visiting Italy.


Although you can visit Ireland as a tourist, you’ll be required to quarantine yourself for 14 days before visiting various places. You’ll also be required to abide by the country’s quarantine protocols. The country hasn’t indicated when the lockdown restrictions will be lifted.


The Tourism Minister in the country, Haris Theoharis, has indicated that the vacation season is starting from July this year. The state, however, may demand that a tourist must possess a health passport or vaccination certificate. This means that traveling to Greece will not only be possible but will also be one of the top destinations.


In case you intend to pay for two nights in a hotel, one additional night will be free, according to the Association of Hotels in Cancun. The cost of your plane ticket will also be met in case you travel with particular airlines.


The country is also encouraging tourists to visit the country by offering them various incentives. For instance, if you visit Sunny Beaches and other attractive sites, you’ll get a free sun longer, beds and tables.


Anybody who visits the country and tests positive for Covid 19 upon arrival will be accorded some special treatment. Immediately you land in Cyprus, tests will be conducted on you and your family. In case you test positive for coronavirus, you’ll be given free care. At the same time, the lodging costs of your family and friends accompanying you will be met by the government.

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