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6 Most Interesting Things to Do and Places to See in South Africa

South Africa is phenomenally popular for its award-winning wineries, beautiful landscapes, scenic beaches, incredible wildlife, and its cosmopolitan and lively cities. I have been there twice, and when I am there, I just don’t ever feel like leaving. In my opinion, there’s something incredibly special about the country. Spanning over an area of 1700 miles, South Africa has a population of 5.78 crores. The good thing about the country is that you can be here for months, and still be unable to see it all. Now, it is true that there are a bunch of places to see and things to do in South Africa, but we have come up with some of the best activities and things that you should be doing in the country.Six of the best Places to See in South Africa for everyone who travels to the country for the first time.Here’s Places to See in South Africa

Places to See in South Africa

6 Places to See in South Africa

Head for a safari

Natasha, who offers online accounting assignment help services, says that she went to South Africa only to enjoy the safari there. South Africa is known for the most superior game drives globally. You should spend at least one night of your stay in any of the 100s of national parks located in the country. Believe me, when I say this, there’s nothing like a fun safari experience. You can head to the Kruger National Park that has the beautiful diversity and extensive wildlife. In there, you can spot the big five – cape buffalo, rhinoceroses, elephants, lions, as well as leopards there.

Besides Kruger, there are other safari destinations too that you can explore. These include the Addo Elephant National Park, Hluhluwe and iMfolozi National Park, Pilanesburg National Park & Game Reserve, and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. In short, safaris are extremely common in South Africa. You can find a safari to cater to your budget. The accommodation in there also ranges from affordable campsites to pricey resorts and guesthouses.

Take a tour of Cape Town

One of the most popular destinations in South Africa is Cape Town. Mathew, who offers online do my assignment services, says that Cape Town is a multi-cultural and a vibrant city that has scrumptious food, excellent weather, lively bars, greenery and plenty of hiking options in close proximity. Of course, the beaches are fun and exciting, but the waterfront is also bustling with abundant things to do.

Enjoy Surfing

The Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean coast of South Africa offer the best surfing experience. One of the most popular surfing spots in the city is Jeffrey’s Bay, which lies near Port Elizabeth on the Southern Coast. It has big waves as well as several breaks. You can also find a couple of good surging locations in Cape Town, such as the Hout Bay’s Dungeons. There are also some located on the Western Cape, like the Long Beach. Maira, who recently had to pay for research paper services online, suggests that if you are a beginner, you can try the Durban as it has warm water and reliable waves. For a 2-3 hour lesson of surfing, you might be charged about 500 ZAR.

Get to know more about Apartheid

Sushant, who offers the best data science online course, says that your visit to South Africa cannot be complete without learning about the infamous racial segregation system i.e., Apartheid. In South Africa, Apartheid prevailed between the 1940s to 1990s. So, to learn about it, you should plan a visit to Johannesburg’s Apartheid Museum. It does a brilliant job in highlighting the legacy and history of apartheid. When in Johannesburg, you should also take a tour of the Constitutional Court. Located on the site of a former prison, you can find the prison ruins here and know more about the political prisoners who inhabited here after being detained unjustly. A visit to the Cape Town’s District Six Museum is also a must. It is dedicated to the people who inhabited the area back in the 1970s but were relocated because of the white population. It is illuminating and sobering.

Tour the Robben Island

To learn more about Apartheid, you should take a tour of Robben Island. It is situated only 4 miles from the Cape Town coast. Till 1996, it happened to be the prison that had the maximum security. While the struggle of apartheid was on, several political prisoners were put behind the bars in the Robben Island, including Nelson Mandela. Mandela spent 18 years of his life in prison on Robben Island. It has now become one of the most quintessential cultural sites of South Africa and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. In prison, the condition was harsh, and the prisoners were forced to practice hard labor. There was no bed to sleep, and the prisoners were made to sleep on the cells’ stone floor. Tanya, who offers online professional research paper writing service, says that a lot of former prisoners now work as tour guides here and are an excellent resource to know more about life during those times. When here, you can see the cell where Mandela lived and also take a bus ride to see through the quarry where Mandela along with other workers were forced to work and the graveyard where these former prisoners were buried. Ferries to Robben Island operate thrice a day and start at 9 in the morning. You can easily spend 4 hours here.

Go hiking at the Drakensberg Mountains

Situated near the east coast, the Drakensberg region houses the highest mountain range of South Africa. It is known for its deep valleys, sandstone cliff, peaks, and greenery. There are a bunch of hiking trails available here, right from casual to strenuous ones. You can also find single-day and multi-day hike options. Kiara, who works with EduWorldUSA, says that her favorite hiking route is the Rainbow Gorge, which is only a 2-hour trail in Cathedral Peak area.

So, these according to us, are the six most incredible things to do and places to see in South Africa. Of course, you have more alternatives like seeing the penguins, going on the road trips, trying out wine tasting, or whale watching. Do plan a visit to the country to make the most of it.

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