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Places To See in Boston – Freedom Trail is the Perfect Beginning

Let’s pretend you only have 24 hours in Boston.  Instead of sitting in a corner biting your nails that you have such a short period of time in this great city, you can actually do a lot to enjoy it.

Tourist Attractions in Boston 

Boston is home to so many important events that have shaped the history of the United States that you can spend a year visiting them all. However, thanks to journalist, William Schofield, who since 1951 had promoted the idea of a pedestrian trail to link together important local landmarks now called the Freedom Trail.

Freedom Trail in Boston – Marks the Most Historic Places to See in Boston

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile, red brick-lined route, with 16 historic sites mainly centering around the America Revolution period.

Places To See in Boston
Brick Lined Freedom Trail

What You Will See Along the Trail (in order from beginning to end)

Places to see in boston
Park Street Church
What to see in Boston - Faneuil Hall
Faneuil Hall

Paul Revere House

places to see in boston - paul revere's house
Paul Revere’s House

Old North Church

old north church, freedom trail boston
Old North Church

Bet You Didn’t Know This About the Freedom Trail

  • By 1953 nearly 40,000 people had walked the trail.

  • The 16 historical sites covers two and a half centuries of America’s most significant past.

  •  It is said that it is one of the best collections of the American revolution sites.

Tips for Doing the Freedom Trail With Kids

We weren’t able to visit all the trail in one go. We did bits and pieces. Traveling with a three year old and a nine year old during the summer can be tough. However, Boston being so small you will definitely hit the trail (voluntarily or involuntarily) over and over again. It’s kind of like the yellow brick road in Oz, it’s always there. Also having a Freedom Trail Map in hand helps a lot. You can get them all over town for free or print out a copy for the link. If you have adventurous kids who are up for the 2.5 walk, this could take a full day because most of the attractions you can enter and visit. Otherwise, you will always find yourself crossing over the bricks during your visit.

attractions in boston with kids
Boston With Kids

Places To See in Boston – The Freedom Trail



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