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Top 7 Unique Places to Go Kayaking in the USA

One interesting thing about North Americans is the way they divide their time. No play during work and no work once out of the office. Weekends are all about fun. North Americans have a heart for adventure, be it trekking, hiking, exploring jungles, or something deeper. In this post, I have listed seven of the best kayaking spots in the USA.

Kayaking in the USA

Some of the most popular pastimes for many Americans involve rivers and their rapids. Hence, kayaking is a major sport in the country.

If you’re interested, there are loads of great places in the USA to go kayaking. Needless to say, you need is a Kayak or an inflatable kayak to start as well as other gear – check here to see discussion and some sit on top kayak reviews if you think it’s something you may be interested in getting into.

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Best Places to Go Kayaking in the USA

1] Chugach national Forest, Alaska

Kayaking here is an ‘out of the world’ experience. It is less of a green forest and more of a white one. Basically, the exact location for kayaking in Prince William Sound. It’s an inland lake in Alaska surrounded by mountains of ice. In fact, there is no place one could find more serene and at peace than this one. The accommodation is limited, but it is a must visit.

2] Superior National Forest, Minnesota

Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is remote, marshy, and least hospitable in case of an emergency. Well, that is exactly what adds to the thrill of kayaking here. It’s perfect for a teen camping group trip. The greenery and the shallow water make a perfect kayaking experience.

3] Ocala National Forest, Florida

This one is for beginners, with help around whenever you need it. The best part about the kayaking journey through this forest is the lush green scenery around it. The experience is like being in a mini-paradise. The shallow, mild water is crystal clear. It is a straight path to be traveled for hours, in peace and comfort.

4] Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan

Kayaking along the 82 km long Indian River in the Hiawatha National Forest is a challenge in itself. This adventure is definitely for the more skilled and practiced, but surely one of the best of experiences. The trail features marshlands, sharp curves, and broad banks. It is in fact a mixture of everything. Those who wish to extend their journey, could try camping as well.

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5] Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri

The Eleven Point National Scenic River at the Mark Twain National Forest is deep, slow, wide, and most importantly, silent. With 8 unique camping sites, it is one of the best destinations for longer camping tours. The Ozark Hills in the surroundings add to the beauty of the scene. However, it is advised to try this kayak journey either after some experience or with some professionals accompanying you.

6] Sumter National Forest, South Carolina

A Canoe trail along the Tyger River in Sumter National Forest in South Carolina is a unique experience, other than the usual kayaking and camping, it has a lot of flora and fauna to offer. Kayaks are sure to find wild animals and exotic birds along the route. Some trees and herbs are particular to this forest. They are a must-watch.

7] Lolo Nation Forest, Montana

Interestingly, the name of the river intended for kayaking here is names Clearwater. No doubt that the name comes from the fact that the water is crystal clear, being near to the mountains. The best part about the trail in this scene is the awesome weather. Perfect for a romantic kayak adventure.

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