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Places you Shouldn’t Miss on Your First New Zealand trip

No one will dare question you for wanting to come to the gorgeous country that is New Zealand. There is no question that NZ has some of the world’s best scenery and nature experience. However, there’s much more to this small and exquisite country.Six places that you have to go to to when you travel to New Zealand.Check this travel advice to learn about New Zealand trip.

New Zealand trip

It’s a place to create lasting memories, and you’ve made the best decision to travel in this part of the world. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the places you certainly shouldn’t miss on your first visit.

Experience the 8th Wonder of the World: Milford Sound. Milford Sound boasts itself as the 8th wonder of the world and it was also named as a top travel destination in the world back in 2008 by TripAdvisor. Many people choose Milford Sound cruise, but you can simply explore the area by kayak or via a hike. You can get up close and personal with the local wildlife through this way as well. Not only will you enjoy the nature, you will also experience many surging waterfalls and environment that is truly breathtaking.

Experience a Rain forest Separated by a Glacier on the West Coast. W

New Zealand trip
Places you Shouldn’t Miss on Your First New Zealand trip

e’ll bet that this is one of the most peculiar location you’ll ever encounter. Ensure your camera is fully charged if you make this journey – or just let your eyes feast and take everything. In any case, it’s not every day you’ll see glaciers encircled by a rain forest, anyway. You can hike to this location or take a helicopter tour of the area. This type of natural wonder exists nowhere else in the world.


Experience New Zealand Tribal Life in Rotorua. The native culture in New Zealand is still present and strong. One of the fastest ways you’ll encounter and learn about the culture of these amazing individuals is by attending a cultural performance. The Maori during this event steam will cook a feast in a makeshift oven that’s dug into the ground. This is a unique opportunity to have so you can learn what true Maori life is like in the old New Zealand.

Visit Mars via Tongariro Crossing. Perhaps you’ll find this otherworldly location an exciting and matchless day hike unlike anywhere else in the entire world. Hiking to Tongariro Crossing will let you through a vivid journey through volcanic alpine surroundings in the northern part of the island. You will come across vibrant blue crater lakes, which dot the perimeter of the volcanic compound, along with geothermal vents, which comes together to create the perfect Mars-like experience. It’ll be one of your favorites for sure.

Take an outdoor bath. Looking for unique relaxation, unlike anything you’ve experienced? Find it down the Copland Track on the island’s south end. Just follow the path and you will eventually discover a cluster of natural hot pools that are nuzzled next to the forest and encircled by spectacular snow-capped mountains. The hike can get challenging, but the relaxation you’ll get once you get there is well worth the effort.

Parting Note
There you have it. If you’re considering your very first travel to the gorgeous haven that is New Zealand, take time to read up on New Zealand travel extensively to know everything you need before heading out to NZ. There are plenty of things you’ll be glad to have known before you travel.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful week away, or a thrilling time, New Zealand has it all.

Stay safe and enjoy your first NZ adventure!

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