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Places to Eat in Daytona Beach – Crabby Joe’s

A trend is forming for me. Whenever I head to a new spot I find myself doing massive searches online, but at the end usually go with the advice and recommendations of tourism board experts. Such was the case with Daytona Beach Florida. Gentry, from Daytona Beach Tourism office, when I asked her what is a unique and fun place to eat breakfast while visiting Daytona – without hesitation she said – Crabby Joe’s. And what a fun place it turned out to be.

places to eat in daytona beach

How to Find Fun Places to Eat in Daytona Beach 

When I lived in Southern California, years ago, I used to love one restaurant (the name escapes me) which was on a pier. I have looked for similar styled restaurants for ages and can never find one as authentic as that one.

Until our visit to Crabby Joe’s.

crabby joes restaurant

The tiny restaurant is located on a pier that moves with the wind and surf. Almost frightening, but you realize you’re not going to fall.

The art is so fishermen and colorful like.

Our waiter, a surfer transplant, who moved here to surf had a super laid back way about him that made the dining so much more fun than some stuffy wanna be waiter in a hip place.

waiter at crabby joes - surfer hang out

The food was delicious. My kids’ favorite is french toast and it was great.

french toast in daytona

I tried the breakfast house special – eggs benedict with crab and amazing home fries.

crab egg benedict breakfast

Plus, you can’t escape the gorgeous views from all directions.

Daytona Beach


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