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Places to Avoid Visiting in Foreign Countries

All over the world, preparations for the holiday season and festivities is ramping up. I am certain that for some of you travel plans and exquisite destinations are on the top of your to-do lists. The adventure itch is on. It probably is time to check the limit on your credit cards, those flyer miles accumulated, and also recall to take advantage of the product offers at the retail stores. There are lots of travel agencies who would be busy, maybe to organize a visit to the capital of Costa Rica to check some celebrations, pristine locations where you can experience active volcanoes, or possibly, the Royal Palace of Madrid.Be more careful at if you want to visiting and the reasons why.Take a look at a list of places to avoid visiting in foreign countries.

Places to Avoid Visiting

It is great to make these plans, after all that’s one of the reasons for all of the hard work through the earlier months of the year. You deserve it. However, while you are planning to go all out to experience that wonderful and thrilling vacation, visit that new, or exciting, or remote, or even forbidden destination; you probably could do with a rain check on some of these places.

In addition to having first-hand information and experience of some of these places, the United States Travel Website usually posts travel alerts and warnings, explaining the situation in different countries. Thus you might need to be informed before you visit the following destinations.

Places to Avoid Visiting

One of my favorite places tops the list. Visiting Mexico during this period would sure be appealing. The weather is quite sunny and very friendly if you have been looking for a way to take a break from the winter. There are a lot of beautiful places you can see. Places like the Maya Ruins in Tulum, Puerto Vallarta or if you are fond of architecture, the colonial locations are great tourist attractions.

Mexico is actually known for having a great weather, pristine beaches and beautiful scenery; it is a favorite destination for expats planning to retire outside the shores of their country.

However, while visiting, it would be a good thing to be conscious of security issues. Mexico does have her share of violent crimes; you have to be careful not to be at locations where gunfire is being exchanged between members from rival organizations. The best you can do is consult a local guide to steer you off the rough locations.

Spain is another place to consider visiting this time of the year. It is a place where the Christmas celebrations are taken a lot seriously, sometimes beginning as early as October. If you are not put off by the cold (if you are looking to have a white Christmas, you also might not experience any), it is a thrilling experience – you would get a chance to meet people from other parts of the world who have come to visit for the same reason as you. Spain attracts people from all works of life, from retirees to working expats, to students who buy research papers or look for mla research paper outline to use the country as a case study for their thesis. There are wonderful places to go to, primarily in the city of Barcelona and Madrid. Though the weather is quite cold, so you might not really be able to spend time on the beaches Spain is most famous for.

Also, whenever in the main cities, you should be especially careful, as these areas are prone to petty crimes – Spain does have a significant amount of petty crimes yearly; and as a tourist, you might not only stand out, you should expect to pay a premium price for purchases you make.

Christmas in Switzerland could be a memorable experience. You could get to visit the Swiss Alps, and appreciate its beauty, even though you are going to miss the backdrop of snow that gives the Alps its rapturous beauty. Modest in their celebration – the Swiss are not as exorbitant as neighboring countries in the celebration of Christmas, you could get to taste the Swiss Christmas meal which could consist of ham and potatoes, cheese and milk in the mix. You could also join in the making of gifts, the decoration of the Christmas tree, and observe how the Swiss value spending time with their families.

Though there isn’t much crime in Switzerland, most of the crime that occurs is usually targeted at tourists. So weighing the pros and cons, while Switzerland could be a great place to visit, you would have to be very careful with your purses and bags, so you do not unceremoniously lose them.

Another great place to visit, residents in Albania usually engage in fun, enthusiasm and merriment as Christmas is a widely celebrated and popular festival in Albania. Albania has her own share of beaches, the place is relatively calm and serene. If you are looking for peace and quiet, Albania might just be the new place to go. From the lakes Skadar and Ohrid, the pyramids, the castles, the museums and the national park, Albania has lots to offer for the intensely curious visitor. Albania is still classified as an undiscovered resort spot.

While Albania’s reputation as a place for the occurrence of criminal activities is gradually receding, it is possible to be a victim of petty crimes – probably on the public transportation buses and in remote location; thus you would want to be careful of the places you decide to visit. You can also expect to pay above the normal prices as a tourist. It probably, if this is your first time, would be good to get a guide, until you are more comfortable in your surroundings.

Places to Avoid Visiting

Thailand always comes up on the list of remarkable places to visit, and this should be no surprise. Basically, the country is friendly and possesses great tourist attractions. From almost all year round warm weather to the scenic beaches and attractive landscapes, you would have an overwhelming number of places to see that would last throughout the holidays. However, the country does not publicly celebrate Christmas as its residents are mostly of other religions – Buddhism, Islam etc. If you are not that particular about the Christmas, and simply desire a change in scenery; the country has a lot to offer.

The Telegraph reports that as recently as August, some areas have witnessed bomb explosions, and it seems these explosions are targeted at tourist areas. Smaller explosions have occurred in remote areas and there are still guesses to the motivation behind these wave of events.

Recently emerging from a successful coup, where the reigning president was dethroned, the Zimbabwean citizens are presently rejoicing about the change in power. However, as the change in government occurs, there are still factions that are displeased that members of the toppled administration are still allowed to remain active in the country. It would be a smart move to postpone visits until resolutions have successfully been implemented and activities have calmed down.

With the holiday season around the corner, the country is going to be lively with preparations for the Christmas. Home to a booming tourism industry, the country is known for the Obudu mountain race – the mountain race with the largest price money, as well as one of the largest streets carnivals in Africa i.e. the Calabar Christmas Carnival. The country holds other interests like the museums, ancient artifacts, the cultural displays, the Christmas village, the longest cable car system in Africa, and other pleasant attractions to satiate the insatiable mind.

Thus, there are places to visit within, like the city of Calabar, Port Harcourt, or Lagos. However, it would be advisable to avoid the northern parts of the country, as these parts are still unsafe for visits.

These are the most recent places that I have been given notice. If you do have any questions on where you plan to spend your Christmas, the US Travel Website does have a database, and possibly medium to make inquiries. You can also contact me; I could reach out to a local guide to help you through your holiday preparations.

Do have a wonderful planning and celebration!

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