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Picture-Perfect Destinations For A Long Weekend Getaway

Are you looking to pack a suitcase, hop on a train, and just leave all the stress, fatigue, and monotony behind for a weekend in order to recharge your batteries? Or, have you stumbled upon this article by accident? Whatever the case may be, you sure do deserve a break – we all do. Especially these days, when most of us are spending the largest portion of the day at home. Time to change the scenery up!In order to help you find your perfect destination, we are going to talk about some of the best places for a Long Weekend Getaway.

In order to help you find your perfect destination, we are going to talk about some of the best places for a getaway in the Scottish Highlands.

Long Weekend Getaway

The city of Inverness

The Capital of the Scottish Highlands, a place steeped in history and untouched by time, with a diverse natural countryside that every wildlife enthusiast would find themselves immersed.

There are so many different attractions for you to explore, ranging from the past to the present ones. When it comes to finding a hotel in Inverness, not only are there many options, but most of them also include spa’s, pools, and pretty much anything you can imagine, as well as plenty of different tours. They are going to make it easier for you to explore the entire city, as well as the most interesting parts of the entire region.

Major attractions throughout the city

The best way to start exploring the city of Inverness is to climb up the Inverness Castle North Tower Viewing Platform where you will be able to catch views up and down the River Ness.  Nearby the city center, you can find the majestic Inverness Castle, and if you cross back over the river you will be able to find the beautiful St Andrews Cathedral.

Right outside the city of Inverness is Fort George, which is a working Garrison that dates back to 1745, after the Battle of Culloden took place. Fort George is one of the mightiest artillery fortifications in Britain – and it even is still in use to this day. The majority of the grounds are open to the public, so you will be able to explore it.

Loch Ness – what about Nessy?

Most of the people have, in one version or the other, heard about the Loch Ness monster, Nessy. We are going to talk about that in more detail in a couple of moments, and get ready for an adventure – the mystery surrounding this fascinating story is truly intriguing. If you are, at any level, an adventure and mystery lover, you are going to enjoy your stay at Loch Ness a great deal. 

Finding Nessy

Reports of a monster inhabiting Loch Ness date way back, all the way to ancient times. There even are local stone carvings by the Pict, that depict a mysterious giant beast with flippers. The first-ever written report of the Loch Ness monster appears in a biography of St. Columba from 565 AD. And in the modern days, people are still reporting sightings, making Nessy one of the most popular mystery monsters all around the world.

From cruising the Loch Ness, regular sighting tours all the way to Deep Scan private tours – there are so many different ways for you to experience the Loch Ness be a part of the search for Nessy.

Not a fan of monsters?

Here’s the thing, even if you aren’t into monsters, mysteries, and such things, there is so much more to see and learn about this lake and the region surrounding it. Not only the scenery is pretty much picture-perfect, but the history surrounding Loch Ness is extremely abundant, with the Urquhart Castle sitting on the hill looking at the lake dating back to the 13th century.

Long Weekend Getaway

The malt whiskey trail – a whiskey galore

It’s no secret that Scotland is home to whiskey, so, by choosing highlands as your weekend getaway, you are also choosing the ultimate Scotch whiskey experience. The malt whiskey trail is a unique driving trail that will take you to some of the world-famous malts, distinctive distilleries, and a unique cooperage weave among the woods and glens along the road.

The distillation process has been pretty much perfected over hundreds of years in the Highlands, so, it’s no wonder that you can expect such perfection every time from the whisky Distilleries on the malt whiskey trail. Not to mention that all these Highland Whisky distilleries have a fascinating history behind them, and all of that for you to experience and explore.

To wrap things up

We have made it to the end of the list! Well, end of this list – there are so many beautiful places out there, so, if you are far away from Scotland, don’t worry, just do a bit of research and you will surely find a suitable destination.

As far as Scottish Highlands go, if you have never been here and you are able to, you should give it a shot. Nature, the serenity, scenery, history everywhere you look – a true picture-perfect destination for a getaway.

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