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The Most Photogenic Locations in Australia

If you are one of those people who cherish nature’s beauty, you will love Australia! Australia’s natural beauty transcends boundaries and sets the bar for photographers worldwide. If you had set yourself to the task of documenting the most attractive places in Australia, that end up being harder than you think, owing to the vast nature of the scenery to be covered. If you are thinking of the best photogenic locations, Australia. Consider these locations of Australia’s beauty and the best sceneries.If you are thinking of best photogenic locations Australia.Consider these locations of Australia’s beauty and the best sceneries.

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i) White haven Beach

There is no shortage of beaches to document in the world, but White haven beach Australia is like no other. The 7 km stretch on Whitsunday Island is pure heaven. The beach was voted the cleanest beach in Australia in 2008 due to its glittering perfection. Made of 98% pure sand, getting your lens on the beach will capture one of the best beach moments.

You could also document some of the many activities taking place on White haven beach. You could capture the annual White haven swim which is an open competition on the beach, attended by people from across the globe. Take time to walk through the White haven camp area to get photos of the various field parties and bonfire parties at night.

whitehaven beach australia
By Elissa Kendall from the Canvas Factory

ii) The Blue Mountains

The blue mountains are part of the most attractive tourist attractions in Australia. The popular Blue Mountains offer perfect photo scenes for nature lovers. The mountains are endowed with plenty of flora and fauna. Furthermore, you can get your lens on some of the most unique species seen anywhere in the world.

There are human tracks to be captured, and the mountains also get very cold hence the blue appearance. You could be lucky to document the white peaks when it snows on the mountain tops during the cold season. The blue mountain’s natural state makes them an ideal photogenic destination.

blue mountains australia
By David Iliff on Wikipedia Commons

iii) Sydney

For those who love urban photography, Sydney is the destination. The vast Metropolis of Sydney will offer you extensive photographing opportunities, and you will be spoiled for choices. To start with, the architecture; The Opera House and the Harbor bridge are just but a few to mention.

Taking aerial photos over Sydney will capture much more of the architecture. The rocky outcrops on the eastern suburbs also offer fantastic photo scenes. The Sydney beaches also offer much more opportunities for photography. The other important feature includes the culture and the nightlife in Sydney which stands out for photography.

Sydney in Australia
By Bjarte Sorensen on Wikipedia Commons

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iv) Kimberley Region

kimberley australia
By Luxury Travel Magazine

The Kimberly Region offers one of the most unique sceneries in the world. The remoteness of Kimberly can only be found in a couple of other locations in the world. The beautiful rocks depicting the ancient world picture make Kimberly unique. The Rocks extend over a vast region on the northwest side of the red continent. Some of the rocks in Kimberly region are as old as 350 million years ago. The various ancient rock paintings in combination with the abundance of Boab trees make the region one of the best to document. The region is part of the large Purumululu National Park. As you can see in the photo a Kimberley cruise can fulfill your Australia bucket list.

v) Cape Le Grand National Park

photogenic locations Australia
by Missanagz on Flickr

Referring to Cape Le Grand as beautiful scenery would be an underestimation of what it offers. This remote location on the western coast of Australia has received less coverage and documentation than it deserves due to its location. The view of the white sandy beaches shelving into turquoise and eventually into the blue sky is a breathtaking scene. Being able to capture the sunset on the white beaches of Cape Le Grand will result in a stunning photo. The place being a National park offers the most natural state with a green bushland backdrop and no human development.

Bottom line

For most photographers, finding unique scenery to capture means a lot. Australia is one place in the world where you find both urban and remote sceneries. The red continent is vast, with beaches all around the major cities. The landscape, the flora, and the fauna also offer distinctive features to capture. When traveling through Australia, the landscape will always intrigue you and give you a reason to snap.

The other aspects of Australia, like the architecture, also stand out. Every city of Australia has a unique creation, ranging from towers to bridges, and monuments to photograph. Nature and architecture will give you an opportunity to take breathtaking photos from the photogenic locations of Australia, like nowhere else in the world.

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