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Why Parking Near PHX Airport Is Always a Smarter Choice: Your Phoenix Parking Strategy

Phoenix. Arizona’s buzzing capital, a hub for technology and commerce, and situated in the gorgeous Valley of the Sun. This metropolis is serviced by Phoenix sky harbor airport parking, an increasingly important link for air travel in the nation for Arizona and increasingly farther regions. With destinations such as Denver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and as the eleventh busiest airport in the entire world, you might find yourself planning a trip through Sky Harbor soon. But with any trip comes the important question of where you’ll park your car. If done wrong, this could cost you and your party a lot of money and leave less to spend elsewhere on your trip. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our guide to tackling parking near PHX airport for the easiest and cheapest ways to park. 

Airport Parking 

Indeed, parking at the airport itself is always going to be the first option. It’s the easiest option to access and involves both the literal closest location and the least amount of moving parts. For those travelers who prefer parking extremely close to the terminal, don’t want to worry about forgetting where their car is, and want their car to be in the same location as their flight, the money is well worth the cost.

The security will be notably higher than many other off-airport options, with the added presence of airport security, such as cameras, staff, and walls or fences. The Terminal garages go for relatively higher rates of $30 a day, $33 a day at the premium spots, and $39 a day at the valet spots. The Economy garages and lots are cheaper ($9-$16/day), but do not offer the same proximity as parking in the Terminal garage spots. We recommend the premium Terminal garage spots as the best option for shorter trips, especially with larger groups in one vehicle, to get the most value for your money.

The price difference between Terminal spots and premium Terminal spots is quite low, especially for shorter trips, and is notably more convenient in its location. For those booking with valet services, you can also purchase maintenance and car wash services while you are away, so your car is not only safe and sound but in even better condition than when you left. For those travelers who place a priority on their car’s condition and also want the proximity of airport parking, the cost of Valet Terminal parking may be well worth it. 

On Air Parking 

On Air Parking is another great option for those travelers open to parking off-site, with this trusted, reputable, professional service. On Air Parking vets and partners with many other lots and garages across the nation and beyond to help travelers find the perfect lot for their budget and needs.

In the Phoenix area, there are many options, ranging from no-frills, spartan accommodations at incredibly low single digit prices for longer trips and smaller budgets, to staffed facilities offering dozens of services. Cancellations are always free and communications and detailed information come with every purchase via email. It is also accompanied by stellar customer service for any inquiries, available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern time from Monday to Friday. You can reach On Air Parking’s customer service at 888-487-2754. 

Park N Rides, Public Transport 

While technically a broader category, the last option to consider aside from the airport and the third party is making use of the relatively robust public transportation network of Phoenix. This last option is best navigated by those travelers comfortable or used to public transit, and those travelers on especially long-term trips (less than twenty-one days).

During longer trips, smaller price differences add up to larger impacts, and the low rates at many Park N Rides are huge lifesavers for budgets. These are as simple as paying for a spot and taking public transit or a shuttle to the airport, similar to many other lots. Additionally, you could forgo the need to park altogether, allowing for the steepest savings.

The cost of a one-way ticket on two occasions is easily much lower than even the cheapest of lots, and still provides a way to the airport and back. Locals should check their proximity to public transport options, or the relative ease of getting dropped off at the nearest public transit station instead of the journey to the airport. The only downside to this option is the unfamiliarity for many travelers, some of which may not be too accustomed to using public transit. However, those who find themselves situated to take advantage of the transport and leave a bit earlier on longer trips may find very notable savings. 

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