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Personal Safety This Holiday Season – Staying Safe At Home & While Traveling

The holiday season is all about celebration and festivities. People go out shopping, get together with friends and families, and travel to enjoy a festive break. While it is an enjoyable phase for everyone, it is also the time of the year when thieves and criminals are at large. Statistics indicate a sudden spurt in crime throughout the country during the festive period, which is the reason why you need to go the extra mile with personal safety during the holiday season. Here are some practical tips that you can follow to stay safe at home and outdoors.Tips that will aid you in Staying Safe This Holiday Season whether you stay home or decide to travel.Here’s Staying Safe This Holiday Season.

Staying Safe This Holiday Season

Staying Safe This Holiday Season

Stay safe at home

Staying safe at home is important because incidents of thefts and robberies are common during holidays. Pay attention to the basics like alarm systems, door locks, and other points of entry in your home. If something is amiss, like loose door hinges or broken windows, get them repaired well in time. A thorough checkup of your home security systems is a good idea at this time of the year. You may even consider upgrading the existing one if there is a need. Avoid oversharing details like your travel plans and holiday shopping on social media because they can make you an attractive target for criminals.

Personal protection for dealing with unknown threats

As the incidents of stab attacks and mass shootings are on a rise, it makes sense to go the extra mile with safety because the risk gets a tad higher at this time of the year. A bullet proof vest by is the best gift you can buy for yourself or a loved one. It keeps you safe if you happen to encounter an unknown and dangerous threat such as a riot, mass shooting or even a personal attack such as a robbery attempt. You can carry pepper spray to feel extra confident when you have valuables or need to be out at late hours. Refreshing your self-defense skills is also a good idea.

Travel safety is equally vital

People often travel during the holidays, so brushing up on travel safety basics is vital. First things first, ensure the safety of your home before you jet off. Investing in home automation is a good idea, while you may also consider hiring a house sitter for extra safety. Also, researching your travel destination and its crime picture makes sense. If ballistic protection is legal for travelers at the destination, you can carry your bulletproof vest along or you could also put a bulletproof backpack panel for your backpack. Also, follow travel safety precautions in transit and after you reach the destination. Keep an eye on your luggage and valuables, stay at a safe place, and avoid getting too friendly with strangers. Stay indoors during late hours because incidents are most likely to happen after it gets dark.

Being a little extra conscious about personal protection in the holiday season can make the festivities more enjoyable. No investment is too big when it comes to the safety of your loved ones, so go the extra mile with it this Christmas

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