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The Perfect Vacation in Dan Tel Aviv Hotel

The Dan Tel Aviv hotel opened in the year 1953 but it is one of the premier destinations for those that are looking for complete luxury. Learn all you need to know about Dan Tel Aviv Hotel before you go.Take a look at this article about hotel review.We are talking about a truly perfect vacation spot for those that want to stay in Tel Aviv city in Israel.

Dan Tel Aviv It is located on the beautiful seaside promenade and is so close to all the local attractions. The hotel has a perfect location and offers all the features and amenities you would expect from a top notch establishment.

Dan Tel Aviv Hotel
Sea View bed: Dan Tel Aviv

The Perfect Vacation in Dan Tel Aviv Hotel

A Piece of History of Dan Tel Aviv Hotel

The Dan hotel is actually the first of the Tel Aviv deluxe hotels, and probably the best hotel in Tel Aviv beach. This made it the chosen spot for so many international celebrities and VIP guests. Although the list is quite long, we should mention Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney as some of the best-known people that booked suites at the hotel.


The Dan offers 286 rooms and suites. They were recently renovated and do come with the amenities you are looking for. This does include WiFi internet access, HD TVs, beautifully colored furnishings and even iPod connections. The most popular of the rooms available are 3 seafront suites that have private balconies. There are some wonderful Mediterranean views at the Sea View Executive Rooms. We should also mention the fact that there is a luxury bathroom that is included in every single room and the designs are all wonderful as they are modern.

While at the hotel make sure that you consider the leisure activities that are available. This does include a fitness center, hot tubs, some extra SPA treatments and an indoor pool that is a true delight. If you want to eat, you do want to go at the hotel’s restaurant. It offers the Israeli cuisine that you want to try since you are in Tel Aviv and some tasty Mediterranean dishes.

Dan Tel Aviv hotel

Book your room at Dan Tel Aviv Hotel

Local Attractions to Consider

If you have free time when you stay at the Dan hotel, you should allow yourself some time for the local attractions. There are many more than you expect. There are some great views overlooking the Mediterranean from the Port and the Beach. You will surely appreciate the Tel Aviv promenade that goes along the seashore. At the promenade is where you will find Namal Tel Aviv, which is currently the most popular of all the tourist attractions that the city offers.

Dining is something that is renowned in the area. Just after a really short walking distance you can visit some wonderful restaurants, with the Raphael being the one that is seen as the very best of the country’s restaurants.

If you love art, some of the museums present near the Dan hotel are awesome, including Ilana Goor Museum, Beit Hatfutsot and Eretz Israel Museum.

As you can so easily notice, it is a really good idea to stay at the Dan hotel in Tel Aviv. It is one of the most memorable experiences that Israel has to offer. All the amenities and features are perfect and the hotel is definitely the definition of what should be considered as top luxury.

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