Magical Memories in the Making: A Comprehensive Guide to Planning the Perfect Disney Trip with Kid

If you have been dreaming of embarking on an enchanting holiday with your family – and particularly if you will have one or more little ones in tow – the idea of a trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida might have more than crossed your mind. 

And there’s no question about it – Disney World represents as “safe” a bet as one can get, when it comes to making magical memories on holiday with young ones! However, it also can’t be denied that a lot will need to be done in preparation if you are serious about the notion of such a trip. 

So, with that in mind, we have assembled a comprehensive guide to help you plan the perfect Disney break with your own kids. 

From choosing the right Disney World theme park to organising dining reservations and creating a suitable itinerary, this guide will help you make your own family’s Walt Disney World holidays to Florida thoroughly memorable ones, in all the right ways.

Planning the Perfect Disney Trip with Kid

  • Decide On a Disney World Park 

It’s something that can be easily overlooked by those who might have only relatively casually thought of planning a family trip to Walt Disney World Resort: the fact that the resort does not consist of merely one theme park, but instead, four of them! 

So, when you are putting together a family trip to this ever-popular Florida resort, you will need to decide which of the parks you might focus on for your visit. In this process, it will be important to think carefully about what your family members would probably most enjoy doing together. 

Do you, for instance, yearn to explore the wilds of Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? What about embracing the magic of Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom? Or perhaps you like the notion of experiencing thrilling rides and bracing shows at Epcot or Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is the stage at which you will need to do your homework, and discover which option would be the best for you and your brood.

  • Choose Your Florida Accommodations

Next, you will need to decide where in Florida you would like to stay with your family – as well as which would be most affordable and practical, of course. Visitors to Walt Disney World Resort have quite a number of attractive accommodation options to consider, encompassing seemingly everything from ‘value’ resorts to opulent ‘deluxe’ villas. 

Indeed, with so many options, it can be difficult to choose. So, be sure to consider your budget and what types of amenities and services will be especially important to you. 

Do you, for instance, want a room that is very close to the parks? Or perhaps you would like to prioritise finding accommodation that also gives quick and easy access to an onsite pool, spa, and/or child-friendly restaurant? 

Once you have narrowed down your choices to a relatively brief ‘shortlist’, you will be able to research each candidate option online more easily, to help make sure it meets your family’s needs.

  • Book Your Dining Reservations

After deciding where you and your family will be staying, the next step will be booking your dining reservations. 

Make sure to plan ahead and book any table service restaurants as soon as possible, to help ensure you get the spot you want. With so many delicious eateries available, you might find the decision process tricky!

Consider, too, what types of cuisine your family will enjoy, and which locations have a special theme or character that your child – or multiple children – might appreciate. 

  • Create A Compelling Itinerary

The last step will be the creation of the right itinerary for your trip. Doing this ahead of time will help you make the most of your vacation, so that your partner, children, and/or any other travelling loved ones enjoy it all the more too, with minimal stress. 

For this process, consider what types of activities are likely to appeal to everyone in your family, and schedule those ahead of the trip. Research what attractions will be available on the given dates, and plan which parks you and your loved ones will want to visit each day. 

And of course, you should also remember to include downtime for relaxing or spontaneous activities. Trust us when we say it: you will more than need such chillout moments after spending all day having fun in the park!

Yes, You Really Can Have the Family Disney World Trip of a Lifetime 

We have put together these tips to help ensure you create a Disney trip that every member of your family – including the youngest – will remember for the fondest reasons. 

The great news is that planning a good time in advance will help make sure you extract the maximum value for money, and the most genuinely magical memories, from your break in Florida. 

So, don’t idly dream any longer. Instead, start planning right now, and those Disney dreams could very soon be coming true for you, any adult loved ones you will be travelling with, and your child! 

Last Updated on October 19, 2023

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