Peace & Calm at Nantucket: Traveling Solo

One of the most suitable places for a relaxing and calming solo trip is the island of Nantucket, which is 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.There are also some affordable plane tickets which you can book for weekdays or out of the peak of the summer Traveling Solo at Nantucket.

Traveling Solo at Nantucket

While it is known as a vibrant and trendy summer vacation destination, Nantucket is also a dream trip spot for history enthusiasts, nature lovers, and for people who want to get away from the hustle-bustle of the big city.

You may be nervous about going to an island all by yourself, especially if you are new to solo traveling, but the truth is that Nantucket is one of the friendliest and safest destinations to choose for such an endeavor.

You can enjoy the peace and quiet and almost complete solitude on the island, or you can mix with the crowds and have fun in Nantucket, no matter whether you are traveling alone or not.

This New England Island is among the most picturesque spots on the east coast. You can explore all day without ever getting bored of the beaches, ocean views, the unadulterated landscapes, and the historic shingle-style cottages and blooming gardens.

How to get to Nantucket

You can fly to Nantucket Memorial Airport or get on the ferry from Hyannis Port in Cape Cod. There is a traditional ferry and a high-speed passenger ferry available to and from the island on a regular basis. The distance from the mainland is only about 30 miles, so you can enjoy a trip which is either an hour or two hours and 15 minutes long to get there.

Where to stay in Nantucket

You can book a hotel room in the town or any other neighborhood on the island. But you can expect to have to pay a fee starting from $150 for a bed without a bath in one of the most affordable hotels there.

Thankfully, there is a hostel in Nantucket, and there are also a wide variety of short-term rental residences available both off and during high season. You can choose the one which fits your preferences and budget. The earlier you book your accommodations, the better.

What to explore alone in Nantucket?

Nantucket may be a small island, which is only 14 miles long and from 3 to 5 miles wide, but it has so many places and attractions that are worth seeing so that you can keep yourself busy every day.

But it is also the perfect vacation destination if you want to spend all day long in bed or relax without doing anything.

If you prefer to spend your holiday on the beach, you are in the right place. Nantucket has over 80 miles of beaches and is known for having some of the best ones in the country.

There are beaches suitable for all tastes, ages, and preferences. The northern ones are more family-friendly with warmer and calmer water; the southern ones are a better choice for surfers and for adventurers. The eastern and northernmost ones are more isolated and quieter, suitable for a more private and solemn experience.

If you are into history, architecture, or simply like to explore new places, then you are in luck because Nantucket is one of the best-preserved historic towns in New England.

You can take a stroll through downtown Nantucket and walk through the cobblestone streets to see some unique historic houses, colonial mansions, and buildings from the 17th century on.

The island also has three of the oldest and still functioning lighthouses which are absolutely beautiful and worth visiting, especially during sunrise or sunset.

Thanks to the local authorities and conservation organizations, Nantucket has very well preserved wildlife. You can go on a tour through the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, where you can enjoy watching the wildlife such as deer, raptors, seals, shorebirds, and even white sharks. Along with the animals, you can enjoy walking through the largest red cedar savannah in New England and looking at the other typical wild plants, trees, and flowers there.

Another place to take a leisurely and relaxing stroll in the Sconset Bluff Walk. It is a walking path in the eastern village Siasconset, which the locals call Sconset for short. The charming village has some of the most beautiful gray weathered shingle-style cottages, covered with pink and red roses crawling on the trellis and surrounded by the most charming old-fashioned gardens.

The path is made of white seashells and will take you through the village and market to the bluffs or the Siasconset beach. While you are there, you can visit the easternmost lighthouse on the island – the Sankaty Head Light and enjoy an incredible view.

If you like museums, exhibitions, and other similar venues, then you are in luck because there are some unique ones on Nantucket. The ones to add to your solo trip to-do list include the Whaling Museum, the Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum, the Lightship Basket Museum, the Maria Mitchell Association, Loins Observatory, The Artists’ Association, and many more.

Final words

Nantucket is a great place to start if you are taking your first steps in solo traveling. It has something for everyone, so no matter whether you are looking for peace and quiet or for a fun-filled vacation, this New England Island is the place to go.

Last Updated on March 25, 2022

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