PB Catch Restaurant: True Palm Beach Dining Experience

Did you know that Palm Beach is rumored to be the most expensive zip code in the United States? If this is true or not, doesn’t really matter. The point is, when you visit this area you know you are going to embark on world-class service, 1st class beaches (over 50 miles of them), and shopping on the world-famous Worth Avenue. But most importantly of all, you will have a truly incredible Palm Beach dining experience. For that, we head off to PB Catch Restaurant, and here’s my full experience.

Why Palm Beach Is All About Dining Out – At Least for My Family?

When I was in my mid 20’s I traveled through California for over one month. I’ve done many trips before this one and after this one all over the world. But the one experience that I still remember most was the night I went out with friends in San Fran to a seafood restaurant.

It was one of those magical nights where the food and the drinking were interlaced with the conversation and excitement of the night. We were there for over four hours and to this day (almost twenty years later) it has been my ‘goal’ type of meal. Until this past visit to Palm Beach – PB Catch Restaurant, I can honestly say it is now up there with my night out in San Fran.

food in pb dinning at pb catch in florida

Palm Beach dining has become my family tradition for the past four years.  My parents, brother, sister-in-law, and my family of four have enjoyed immensely many restaurants in Palm Beach like Echo, Flagler Steakhouse, The Breakers restaurants, Bice on Worth Avenue, and others.

However, this time around, my husband and I wanted to enjoy just the two of us. We take full advantage when visiting my folks in Florida to do at least one date night.

Without even realizing it, we had spent over four hours in PB Catch and, if we didn’t have to return as promised to the kids – because our usual dinners out never last more than two hours, we could’ve stayed for another four.

What Makes a Palm Beach Dining Experience?

We’ve all had these nights when you know it’s not your average dining experience.

So what separates these from others?

Well, to start I totally believe in the energy of the place. Our waitress, Brook, was almost motherly, making you feel like you stay all night.

Not all restaurants, no matter if they are one star or five stars, give you that feeling. As a matter of fact, most restaurants in the US make you feel like you need to rush out of there for their turnaround rate.

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PB Catch Restaurant

This was the opposite of PB Catch.

The drinks were fantastic and one better than the other. And we were given time to enjoy the drinks, rather than our food being stacked on top of the drink.

pbcatch palm beach florida restaurant

PB Catch’s chef – Aaron Black, is well known for many dishes and innovations. One, which they have trademarked, is SEACUTERIE™. This is something to definitely wake up your senses and is offered for the appetizer.

palm beach catch Raw Bar

The appetizers were small enough for you to get a good flavor and enjoy their salads.

 Appetizers at pb catch palm beach fl

This is not a restaurant you come for huge portions. On the contrary, the portions are small enough, so you can taste all the different options and not feel so full you feel sick after.

pbcatch palm beach Sea food restaurant

That to me is another reason to sit down turns into an experience. The smaller dishes, that come out slowly, give you plenty of time to taste them all and digest before the next course comes out.

And the main reason we chose this restaurant was for seafood, but also their focus on sustainability. Working only with local fishermen and providers, the seafood is literally out of the ocean and onto the plate (for most dishes).

They are best known for their raw bar and market catches. So I had to have a taste of the Florida Stone Crab!

florida Stone Crab at pb catch palm beach

Three hours after sitting down, the best part arrived – dessert.

Two words – Hazelnut Terrine.

 Dessert at PB Catch Restaurant in Florida

Fun Info About Chef Aaron Black

  • Born and raised in the farmlands of Ohio.
  • His family owned the local meat packing plant as well as the local creamery.
  • He got a degree from Florida Culinary Institute and upon graduation, Black traveled across the country to further his education in as many different culinary styles as possible.
  • First was the Austrian fine dining establishments Sai-Sommet and La Pasch in Park City, Utah, where Black learned the finer points of European cuisine under chef James Dumas.
  • He then moved across town to Goldener Hirsch for tutelage with Chef Zane Holmquist’s contemporary twists on traditional American fare.

PB Catch Palm Beach focuses is on Sustainability

PB Catch is considered to be one of Palm Beach’s true Raw Bar. They have also become advocates for sustainable practices. They work closely with partners to ensure they only work with the most responsible sustainable sources.

Fun times at PB catch restaurant palm beach

They also provide information on sustainability, making it possible to make more educated decisions about how to enjoy seafood, both at home and when dining out.

Romantic Getaway at the catch restaurant palm beach

Info about PB Catch Restaurant

Phone: (561) 655-5558
Hours: Open 7 Days | Sunday-Thursday 5:30-9:00 pm | Friday & Saturday 5:30-10:00 pm

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Palm Beach Dining Experience - PB Catch Restaurant Review

Last Updated on September 10, 2023

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