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Patagonia: A World Of Indescribable Beauty

It is said to be the place where civilization ends. Its own world, its own atmosphere, its own rules. But if you have an inquisitive mind and are not afraid of distant wanderings and adventures,visit  Patagonia is what you need! Beaches and icebergs, greenery and fjords, penguins and sea lions, petrified forests, majestic mountains, spectacular bodies of water. It is said to be the place where civilization ends. Its own world, its own atmosphere, its own rules.Hurry up and come to Visit Patagonia!

Well, not just Argentina – Patagonia is part of two neighboring countries at the same time, the second of which was Chile. An interesting fact is that until the eighties of the nineteenth century Patagonia did not belong to any of these countries. Today in Argentina there are the Patagonian provinces of Rio Negro, Chubut and Santa Cruz. And Los Lagos, Aicen and Magallanes are parts of Chile.

Visit Patagonia

Patagonia’s Local Specialties

The establishments in the region offer South American dishes. Patagonia’s dishes are canceled – especially the meat and fish. Roasted trout or grilled salmon are worth a try. The pride of local chefs – beef steak, you must try. However, there are in all the cafes and restaurants and dishes of all nations, and snacks, including fast food and pizza. Of drinks, you should prefer the local fortified wines or freshly squeezed juice.

The Beaches of Patagonia

Beach recreation in Patagonia is not much developed, but there are interesting places. The coastlines are not primarily attractive to sunbathers, but to those who are looking for interesting discoveries. You will find all sorts of things here:

  • fragments of marine animal skeletons;
  • dried crabs;
  • strange seashells;
  • quite large specimens of shells.

The most beautiful beach of Patagonia is considered by right La Vicera. There are penguins and sea lions are neighbors with people on vacation. Although they do not attack first, teasing the animals is still not worth it: responding to the offender wild animals can, and very much!

Attractions of Patagonia

Natural treasures are the best part of the visit Patagonia. First of all, the national park Tierra del Fuego, spread over sixty thousand hectares. It is located near Ushaya, near the Chilean border. Its territory is preserved subarctic tree species, everywhere the mountains, and in the valleys there are picturesque ponds. Of the wildlife to be found in Tierra del Fuego:

  • beavers;
  • colored foxes;
  • rare sea creatures;
  • the black albatross.
Visit Patagonia

Another curious natural attraction, protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is the Cave of Hands. It is located in Santa Cruz and was named for the handprints found here, which are up to 9,000 years old. At the entrance to the cave, the ceiling is high enough to walk upright, but gradually you have to bend lower and lower. Near the settlement of Sarmiento is Bosquez-Petrifikados, a petrified forest formed during the Cretaceous period. At that time, the mountain ranges were lifted and a large part of the region was under lava and ash.

Los Glaciares is the most famous National Glacier Park, occupying more than four thousand square kilometers, on the territory of which there are water bodies, steppe, and forest, and mountains. And, of course, the glaciers are the main attraction. It is worth seeing here:

  • Mt. Fitz Royce;
  • Lake Argentina;
  • Upsala Glacier;
  • Santa Cruz River.

The most important thing to see here is the Perito Moreno Glacier, which is sixty meters high. The sight is stunning: the glacier flowing down from the mountain peaks comes together in a struggle with water, causing the ice to crumble and raise high waves. Watching what is happening is allowed only at a certain distance, otherwise you can be hurt by the crumbling ice or the sudden flow of water.

It is also interesting to visit the protected area of Torres Del Paine Park, famous for the beautiful shape of its mountains that resemble towers or bizarre horns. The San Rafael Lagoon is another impressive site. It is not easy to reach it, only by ferry across the fjords or by small plane from Koyaike. But the reward for the difficult route is a view of a huge glacier, plunging into the lagoon from a height of seventy meters.

Ski Resort Patagonia

There is also a ski resort in Patagonia – Sero Castor Ushaya, located thirty kilometers from Ushaya. For skiing or snowboarding, choose the summer or fall months. There is good loose snow, excellent infrastructure, and the total length of trails exceeds twenty kilometers. For the more adventurous, there is another interesting tour starting in Ushaya – a two-week cruise to Antarctica.

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  1. One of the top tourist locations in Patagonia is the Perito Moreno Glacier. I appreciate you sharing the world’s incredible beauty.

  2. going through posts like this makes me feel like pack my back right then and there and book a long tour around the world. and will definitely one day.


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