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Passport Holders – My One Travel Amenity Indulgence

Traveling with two kids in tow has taught me to simplify my life as much as possible. And it all starts with organization.

The best way I found to organize all the paperwork, passports and flight info is to keep it all in one large passport holder.

But honestly, it’s bad enough I’ve lost the majority of my identity since having kids, being called (Son’s name) mom, not even by my full name anymore. Now, even my traveling documents aren’t fully mine anymore.

So to take back some of me, I got MYSELF a passport holder – all for me. I know, it’s not exactly a huge leap. However, travel is one of the most important things to me (aside my family – obviously). And for some reason, having my own super cool passport holder makes me feel so damn good.

Why travel is so important to me – for years I’ve been saying two things about travel:

1. Traveling with your family is the number one best way to fully connect and bond with your kids and spouse

2. A life well traveled, is a life well lived

Can you imagine my absolute surprise when I started searching for a passport holder and discovered one that is actually called: Life Well Travelled Passport Holder by Accessory Insanity.


Now that I own it, I literally look at it at least ten times when traveling. And it’s so compact that I’ve even started using it as my wallet.

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