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Passover Programs 2022 – Finding the Right Fit for Your Family Needs

A Passover program is designed to make traveling during the week of Passover easier for the people of the Jewish faith. The food requirements and other requirements of this religious holiday make it almost impossible to go to a traditional hotel, resort, or even restaurant on this auspicious occasion.

Passover program

Passover programs were invented so Jewish travelers could be certain that the place they were staying was properly cleansed of chametz. The travelers can also be sure that if they are part of a Pesach program, they are eating not just kosher food, but Passover kosher food.

Selecting the Right Passover Program

You can use a lot of things to establish the criteria for the best Passover Program for your 2022 holiday. The best thing you can do is make a written list of everything your family needs.


  • Medical needs. Often elderly travelers, or people with certain health conditions have strict diets they must follow. If anyone in the group is allergic to any foods make sure those needs are highlighted on your list so they are priorities when you search for the right program.
  • If anyone in the group uses insulin or other medications that need to be kept chilled you want to make sure to ask if the rooms and suites have mini-fridges in them for this purpose.
  • Do you need a room that is on the ground level because someone in your group has a disability that makes climbing stairs difficult?
  • Do you need a separate living room area where you can watch television or sit up without disturbing your spouse or anyone else?
  • Does anyone require a mattress that is firmer than most or a mattress that is softer than most?

All of these items should be on your list of needs so when you check the program details you can cross off the programs that do not have everything your family needs to be healthy and comfortable during their stay.


One of the things to consider about any Passover program is what is included in the daily price. There are a lot of amenities that are offered by different resorts and hotels that can make your stay a lot more pleasant. The problem is not everyone needs the same things.

Some inclusions may be:

  • The choice of a private or group seder
  • Wine included with meals at no extra charge
  • Free entertainment
  • Kids camps
  • Kids activities
  • Teen camps
  • Teen activities
  • Child care if you want to go out at night
  • Safes in the room so you can secure your valuables
  • WI-Fi access at no additional charge
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Heated outdoor pools
  • Spas and spa treatments
  • Shopping or small grocery type stores in the resort
  • Public transportation services to local attractions
  • Coffee pots in the room with all of the makings

The specials that are included with the room price make the daily price of the stay higher. If you do not need wine to be included at every meal for everyone in your group then you can cross hotels that offer that off your list and help narrow your list of possible programs.

In-house Rabbi and Prayer Services

Many of the programs offer Rabbis and prayer services at the hotel or resort. You do not have to leave to go to synagogue and many people find it comforting to know that their religious needs are being met.

Having a Rabbi on the premises also guarantees that the staff of the establishment are informed about everything that has to be done prior to and during a Passover week. People feel more at ease about eating the food they are served, and using the glasses, dishes, and soaps if a Rabbi is on the premises to check everything to make sure it complies with the needs of the Jewish celebration.


You will be on vacation and you are going to want to get out and do some things that you consider fun, Finding a program that meets your family needs means finding one that is in a part of the world that will have activities that your family will find interesting.

To make sure that your family has a great time and remembers the experience it is recommended that you involve them in the planning and decision making. Create a list of places that the members of your family would like to go. Even let the younger people tell you somewhere they would like to go.

Then make a mark beside destinations that more than one family member wants to visit. You can even buy a world map and mark the areas your family wants to visit so each year when you are planning you can mark the places you have been to and the places you want to go to next.

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