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Passion For Arts: 6 Craft Cabinets You Need At Home

This pandemic somehow brought a positive impact to us. It is the year where we rediscover our passion for the things we like to do, and one of them is arts. Yes, art is beautiful and therapeutic, but sometimes it turns into a beautiful mess, mainly if your art space is not organized correctly or has no proper storage.If you are a lover of arts and crafts you need to take a look at this list of cute craft cabinets that would look great on any home.

Whether it’s a new hobby or long time passion, arts will indeed equate to mess after you do your work and are quite challenging. But, there’s no excuse for keeping your space organized and adequately clean. Well, there are a lot of craft cabinets to choose from that will surely suit your lifestyle.

Craft Cabinets

ArtBin Craft Organizer and Cabinet

Small items for your art supplies are much harder to store compared to bigger ones. This craft cabinet is made from a plastic material and transparent in color. It also features thirty drawers perfect for your craft supplies like buttons, beads, pins, and other tiny tools commonly used for sewing.

It is also space-friendly because of its wall-mounted features. This craft organizer measures 14.375x6x8.75 inches. You can also place this on the table or countertop if you prefer convenient access when using it.

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Craft Table and Cart

This craft cabinet is lightweight and portable. If your work is more on moving from one place to another, this one is perfect for your needs because it features a rolling cart. It also has a table on top of the cart that you can utilize as an additional workspace, especially if you’re into sculpture.

This cabinet from Honey-Can-Do has twelve plastic drawers to store and organize your craft supplies and tools. The only difference with this cabinet is its portability, where you can use it anytime or anywhere. Besides craft supplies, this is also ideal for storing different house supplies for the bathroom or bedroom. 

Marbasse Wood Craft Cabinet

Organizing a craft supply is one of the biggest challenges every artist needs to face once done with their work. This craft cabinet from Marbasse is made from wood material, adding a natural vibe to your workspace. The classic look of this craft cabinet will every artist would like to have.

This is ideal to use as a pen holder, stationery, and desk gadgets. You can also store your paint brushes or cosmetics in a tidy space, and you can easily reach them. It also has a phone stand where you can put your gadgets.

Hyggehaus Rustic Craft Cabinet

This cabinet from Hyggehaus will add a stylish look to your room. It is space friendly and will not eat a lot of space but can still store a lot. The classic design of this cabinet makes this not your ordinary craft cabinet that is made of plastic.

It can be multi-functional; you can also use this to store your cosmetics, jewelry, and even toys if you have kids at home. This is made from Pinewood that guarantees you can use it for a long time and will indeed survive any weather. The rustic look of this cabinet will add a classy yet stylish vibe to your space.

Best Choice Folding Craft Cabinets

This cabinet from Best Choice is ideal for every artisan who prefers a slimmer version of the traditional ones. This cabinet can still store many supplies. It is white and has warm-toned hooks where you can also put several items. The folding feature of this cabinet adds convenience.

It also has lockable wheels where you can move it anywhere you like. The doors have magnetic locks to prevent your supplies from falling, which might result in injury, especially if you have kids at home. Especially that most of the supplies are tiny pieces, you need a secure lock. The dimension of this cabinet is 23″ L x 16″ (W) x 31″ (H).

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Craft Storage Wood Cabinet

This slim storage from Honey-Can-Do has a holder on its side where you can store yarns or ribbons and twines. The cabinet is ideal for gift wrapping storage or any papercrafts. Its white color adds a fresh vibe to your space. This cabinet features three built-in drawers and rollers for easy transport.


Art is one of the best hobbies you need to learn or do in your free time. It guarantees therapeutic benefits, and that’s what we need during this pandemic. We need to consider how we store it to avoid waste when not correctly stored. Choosing the best and suitable cabinet for you will help in tidying up your space.

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