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Park View Hotel: Best Hotel Near Legoland Florida

Legoland has been on our family’s wish list for well over a year.  At first, I considered staying in Orlando, so we can add a few more attractions to the time there, but a one-hour drive in each direction was just too much. So an alternative plan came into action. Stay as close as possible to Legoland, Florida. Finding a hotel near Legoland is particularly hard for us until we find Park View Hotel Winter Haven.

Best Hotel Near Legoland Florida

My plan literally went from driving one hour each way to “I want us to walk to Legoland”. Even though Winter Haven has a bunch of hotels, narrowing down the best one was easy.

1. We don’t stay at chain hotels – so that eliminated over 80% of the hotels.

2. It had to be less than one-mile walking distance – this eliminated all but one – Park View Hotel.

Hotels near Legoland florida

Park View Hotel Winter Haven FL

Park View Hotel is a medium-sized hotel that literally overlooks Legoland. The reason for the 15-minute walk is because the main entrance to the park is on the other side. And if you did want to drive to Legoland, Park View gives you a 50% refund on the parking at the park – a less than three-minute drive. No matter what, you win.

The hotel was also perfect for us. Even though we prefer to stay in vacation rentals or suites with two rooms, for a theme park adventure the one-room worked out well since we spent the entire day enjoying ourselves and only came back to the hotel to sleep.

Park View Hotel, Winter Haven, Florida - sleep time

Our Room 

Sleeping – Each room is two double beds.

hotels near legoland florida - winter haven

Extra beds – We need to have three beds, my kids don’t sleep together, and a very comfy roll-out bed was placed with just enough room for us to get around with my son having plenty of his own space.

Park View Hotel, Winter Haven, Florida - rollaway

Breakfast is included – that is a huge money savor.

Park View Hotel, Winter Haven, Florida - breakfast buffet

Pool time – unfortunately, when we were there, Florida was going through a rare cold front where climates dropped to less than 50 degrees. Not ideal for swimming. Gratefully, we had Legoland and the kids never truly bummed out about no pool time.

Park View Hotel, Winter Haven, Florida - Legoland - pool

Service – the staff was incredibly friendly and quick to help with all that was needed.

Video Fun

Information for Staying at the Park View Hotel in Winter Haven

Phone: (863) 324-5950 Fax: (863) 324-2376

Address: 5651 Cypress Gardens Boulevard Winter Haven, FL 33884

Room types

  • Winter Haven Hotel Rooms

  • Suites

  • Honeymoon Suite – 2 Rooms

Price: $68 to $162 

Hotels Near Legoland Florida – Park View Hotel in Winter Haven Reveiw

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