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How the Parisian Can Bring a Taste of France to Your Macau Adventure

Vacations can come in many shapes and sizes these days, but sometimes it is nice to just embrace a bit of glitz and glamour like the Parisian taste. Casinos are ideal for this, as they offer up plenty of gaming action with a heavy dose of style. The spin of the roulette wheel, the excitement of slots – they simply have it all.Vacations can come in many shapes and sizes these days, but sometimes it is nice to just embrace a bit of glitz and glamour like the Parisian.

The chances are that Las Vegas would be the first destination to spring to mind if you were planning a break with some added casino fun. The world-famous city certainly offers a huge amount in that regard, while it has plenty of other things going for it too. For instance, we have outlined elsewhere how it boasts many options for both indoor and outdoor climbing.


However, another destination that has lots to offer from a casino gaming perspective is Macau. Often referred to as the Vegas of Asia, it has always been hugely popular with tourists. According to Macau Tourism Data Plus, the region experienced more than 39 million visitor arrivals in 2019. The area is home to many vibrant and exciting resorts, but one of the most notable is The Parisian. Packed with style and a range of different features, a stay at the resort could bring a real European flourish to your Macau experienceHow the Parisian Can Bring a Taste of France to Your Macau Adventure

A French extravaganza

Sands China explains how The Parisian Macao opened its doors in September 2016. As the name suggests, the resort is heavily inspired by the French capital and this is evident from the moment you first set eyes on it. Why? Because it features a stunning half-scale recreation of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

The resort embraces its French theme in other ways too. For instance, its lavish décor undoubtedly has a distinctive European feel, while such ideas are clearly reflected in its culinary offering as well. The Parisian Macao site details how La Chine offers Chinese cuisine inspired by techniques from France, while Brasserie features classic dishes from the country. Le Buffet is also described as a theatrical dining experience.

Elsewhere, Sands China adds that the Parisian features convention and meeting space, as well as a spa, health club, and kids club. There is also a pool deck and themed water park, while shopaholics will be in luck too. The resort is home to the Shoppes at the Parisian retail mall, which includes more than 100 outlets as well as street artists and entertainers. Also, The Parisian has a 1,200-seat theater that offers a whole host of entertainment.

Get gaming

So, The Parisian clearly has a huge amount to offer guests. However, what does Macau ultimately offer when it comes to casino gaming?

While casinos may be commonly associated with key locations like Macau or Vegas, it is worth bearing in mind that gambling is a truly global activity these days. A number of countries have embraced casino gaming through the decades, so many of the classic games are known all over the world. This is highlighted in the online casino sector, as brands tend to provide services and information aimed at many different countries. For example, 888 casino’s Swedish site features a full guide to blackjack written in the native language. It features a range of guidance and tips that would stand players in good stead wherever they are playing.

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