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Why Paris taxi is the Best Option for Airport Transfers

Not always easy to find the best way to get to the city center from the airport! Taxi, bus, train or metro, the possibilities are many, so which one to choose? The expert team compares for you all the prices of the different cities including Paris. The day of your city break has finally arrived! Flight, accommodation, activities on site, you have organized your stay and your budget thoroughly. But what about transfers from the airport to the city center of your destination?How to get from the airport to the hotel and what makes Paris taxis your best option for airport transfers.Learn all about airport transfers.

Paris taxi Airport Transfers

They are often forgotten but transfers can represent a more or less important budget according to your destination and the choice of means of transport.

So, how to get from the airport to downtown without breaking the bank?

To help answer this question, we conducted a study among the 25 largest European airports in terms of passenger traffic. We analyze for you the average cost of transfer by type of transport between these airports and major European cities.


At a glance it is easy to see that the bus is not only one of the most convenient and widespread means of transport, but also one of the cheapest! Although it is not always the fastest, it appears here as the best alternative for many European airports. Sometimes as at London Heathrow Airport, the differential can even reach € 104.5 compared to other means of transport.


Of the 25 busiest airports in Europe, only 6 of them offer you the option of connecting the airport to the city center by metro.

Among them, the Turkish metropolis offers the most attractive fare with a ticket only 0.88 € to get to the city from the airport.


Without any surprise, the taxi is the most expensive means of transport! And this for the 25 airports studied. However, if you are traveling to more than one, it may be a good alternative for you to share the costs. Now with the Paris taxi to airport transfer, this is the best option that you can think of.


Finally, even if it is not mentioned in our info graphic, an alternative means exists for your transfers from and to the airport:  carpooling. In addition to traditional carpooling platforms, some specialize in connecting passengers flying in the same time slot. With this new way to carpool, say goodbye to stress! The user is sure to board on time and may even be able to make travel companions! So why not try it?If the client requests it, the note must also mention the name of the customer and the place of departure and the place of arrival of the race. The note must be in duplicate. A copy is given to the customer; the duplicate must be kept by the provider for a period of two years.

For taxi races with a price of less than 25 dollars, the issuing of a note is optional, but it must be given to the customer if he requests it. The conditions under which the issue of a rating is mandatory or optional shall be recalled to the customer by a legible display in the vehicle.

Beware of checks

Payment by check may be refused if the vehicle has a sign visible from the outside stating that the taxi does not accept checks.

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